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Are conditions leaking/slowing performance?

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Level 14
Aug 8, 2010
Hello, basically what the title says - are conditions leaking or slowing performance?
I mean, i know that if/then/else actions slow performance but what about normal trigger conditions? If i have a trigger with no conditions and a trigger with 3 conditions, will there be a difference in their performance?
And, is it possible at all for a condition to leak?

Thanks in advance!
Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
Leak Condition;
  • ((Playable map area) contains (Position of (Triggering unit))) Equal to True
Just about any condition that invokes any leak handle such as Point, etc.

About the slowing performance, I think not.
There will be a slight decrease in performance because it performs a check, BUT, the performance is hardly seen so it's fine.
Level 23
Apr 16, 2012
in fact, conditions are running faster than actions and thre are reasons for that eople like DSG that know what it actually does should talk about

yes trigger with 3 conditions is slower than trigger eith no conditions but conditions are generally faster than actions thats why Jassers use triggerconditions for everything
downside is that you cant use wait but in GUI you cant use conditions that way so it doesnt matter
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