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Nov 19, 2010
The city of Archion lies in the central area of Kalimdor; Archion was a peaceful city, south of the Ashenvale Forest. Due to the recent attacks of the corrupted creatures from the Ashenvale Forest, Archion had suffered a great loss in population, many were killed.
The King of Archion, Dong’Grak, was once a great orc, who set sail towards the west of Azeroth Forest after the great battle in Durotar, Dong’Grak was not well known, but when Dong’Grak set sail to Azeroth, a couple of World Tree caretakers found him injured, lying on the sacred grass of the Forest beside his raft, only a few meters away from the World Tree. Dong’Grak was lucky that there was a Dryad who was good at the sacred arts of the World Tree, the ultimate formula of healing known throughout Kalimdor, Azeroth, Khaz Modan and Lordaeron, the formula of the Juice from the World Tree. The World Tree had a juice that could cure any fatal wound ever known. Only this particular Dryad, Feelarl, had the magic to extract the juice from the World Tree. The neighboring corrupted beings, the Satyrs and others, were desperate to retrieve the Juice of the World Tree, but their efforts were fruitless. The Elves had built towers to ward out the Corrupted Ones but they couldn’t, the Satyrs and the others managed to hit the core of the World Tree, but they didn’t have the sufficient magic to extract the juice from the World Tree.
Soon after, Illidan arrived, promising the magic to extract the juice from the World Tree. With the power of the ancient artifact, the Eye of Sargeras, Illidan would be immortal, he promised to resurrect all corrupted ones and with the power of the eye, he would take out the elves, once and for all.
After Dong’Grak recovered from his coma, he woke up to realize that Feelarl had been taking care of him, he was grateful.
4 years after Dong’Grak learnt the way of the Elves; he had heard that the chief warden of the elves had left to find a powerful man called Illidan, as he had the power to rule all of the earth.
Dong’Grak wanted to join her, but Feelarl stopped him, as the other elves may not like the sight of an orc in the Azeroth forest, they would turn hostile and consider him as a threat.
After 2 months of considering, Dong’Grak asked Feelarl to embark on a journey back to Kalimdor with him, Feelarl hesitated, as she was the only Dryad who knew the magic to extracting the juice of the World Tree, Dong’Grak suggested that she carry a few potions of the juice together in the trip, and so Feelarl agreed.
It was a long trip, travelling from East to West, passing through unknown islands that might inhabit Nagas, and passing through the Maelstrom, which they barely made through.
After 6 days, they’ve finally reached East Kalimdor; they landed on the beach of Ogrimmar, headed back to Durotar to pay a visit to his fellow war companions during the Great War between the Legion and the Alliance. Feelarl didn’t like it too much in Durotar, she felt left out as there weren’t any elves around, only corrupted Harpies and the rare Kobolds who are only found in the unexplored tunnels in Kalimdor.
One fine day, Dong’Grak decided to establish his own alliance, Archion.
Dong’Grak headed to the centre of Kalimdor, finding many Human camps in attack by harpies, Dong’Grak and Feelarl aided in the multiple fights, and soon Dong’Grak was known as a hero to the Humans.
4 years later, Dong’Grak was successful in establishing Archion, starting off with only a village, to multiple fortresses located in the central of Kalimdor, known to few, as Archion. After Illidan was slain, he gave all his power to an infamous human traitor, Roy Proudmoore, brother of Daelin Proudmoore. A very powerful wizard, secret ally of Illidan. Roy was determined to conquer the whole of Kalimdor, and claim it as his own, his first place to start conquering, is Archion, central area of Kalimdor, then slowly move on to Ogrimmar, then Durotar, and so on.
When the residents of Archion first saw Roy take down one of the newly made village, he immediately reported it to the King of Archion, Dong’Grak. Dong’Grak sent many powerful men to imprison Roy to question him, but his effort was fruitless, every men who set journey towards the destroyed Archion village didn’t return. Then, Dong’Grak decided, he had to go confront Roy alone to find out everything. Dong’Grak reached the burnt village, in ruins and many corpse, some recognizable as the recent men that Dong’Grak had sent. Then, Dong’Grak felt a sinister presence of a very powerful man, it had to be Roy. Dong’Grak was on high alert, but with a single strike, Dong’Grak was taken down with a single strike from the back. Roy was invisible, he had a powerful spell book. Soon, the news was spread that Dong’Grak had fallen, the last man who visited the ruined village was let off by Roy, to strike fear within the hearts of the residents of Archion. Roy then corrupted many ancient beings throughout Archion, he was gathering an army to strike throughout the whole of Kalimdor, he called them,
The Corrupted Ones

Archion is now seeking brave heroes, to take on the Corrupted Ones, and hopefully bring peace to all of Kalimdor.


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