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Apocalypse Day v2.4d

Submitted by ady_illidan
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
1. Introduction

Apocalypse Day is an AoS which brings back the classic style of 3 corridors maps. Inspired by D-Day in a small amount, A-Day is a map that is under development by half an year. The scenario isn't very complicated, is a battle between light and dark forces. The gameplay is a bit different from other AoS maps, here you must use both resources, gold and lumber, to acquire items, summon or hire creatures or to improve the fighting skills of your units by using auras.

2. Heroes

20 Heroes are available to choose for each force, each one with his/her different difficulty (it is strongly recommended for new players to choose a beginner Hero), abilities and playing style.

3. Modes

At the beginning of the game player 1 must select the mode. 8 modes are available:
1. All Random - used in many maps, gives a random Hero to the players;
2. Deathmatch - each player receives between 1 and 9 lives;
3. No Powerups - players cannot use tomes;
4. Monster Experience - players start with 2x experience rate (default is 90%)
5. No Super Towers - removes all powerfull towers from the game;
6. Short - buildings will have hit points reduced by 50%, players receive 8 gold every 9 seconds and experience rate is set to 140%;
7. Lifelust - each unit killed gives the Hero +10 hit points;
8. Hard - each level you gain increases your light/dark forces units hit points by 0.50% (max Hero level is 40).

4. Items & Creeps

Items are plenty, some shops have 2 pages with items (10 on every page) from where you can choose. Your Hero can buy Auras which will greatly increase your friendly units skills. Auras don't work on Heroes.
The center corridor can be used as a spawn point for hostile creatures such as Overlords, Infernal Juggernauts, etc. They will keep the corridor clean but they also give great bounty when they die.
If you are in trouble you can always autobuild a defense line for a small amount of gold that no enemy will pass behind it.
The Creep Market is very useful (and is strongly recommended to hire creeps) however, you cannot have more than 2 hired creeps. If you want to change your creep it is not necessary to kill it, you can sell it back.

5. Events

Apocalypse Day has 3 big events:
1. Redemption Day Approach: The first event, starts about 25 minutes od playing. Cenarius and Magtheridon will help their allies by coming and fighting against their enemy. Also light/dark forces will increase attack damage.
2. Redemption Day: Commanders of both forces will come and will do a great battle. Light/dark units will be changed into more powerful ones.
3. Apocalypse Day: The most unknown event is the last one. The hell will open allowing Life Enders (hostile creatures for both forces) to come and bring the apocalypse. They will crush everything in their way and will periodically call huge meteor rains. They are immune to the most common attacks, but they take damage just from Heroes. If the Heroes can't stop them the bases will be slowly destroyed by meteors.

6. Commands

5 commands are available for all players, another 5 are available just for the host (player 1 or 3) and 3 commands are available just in single player.
1. -repick - re-selects the Hero; can be used only once before you reach level 5;
2. -vc - changes the camera angle; type -rc to reset the camera;
3. -ms - shows the current movement speed of the Hero;
4. -gold: +### player_number - gives ### gold to an ally; works like the resource sharing; you can give between 10 and 9999 gold. example: "-gold: +345 2", "-gold: +2650 7";
5. -lumber: +## player_number - gives ## lumber to an ally; works like the resource sharing; you can give between 1 and 999 lumber. example: "-lumber: +31 4". "-lumber: +7 5".
6. -kick (only for host) - type -kick and the player number to kick him (example; -kick 3);
7. -killrate (only for the host) - changes the classic units killed display with a killrate (units killed by a player x 100 : minutes elapsed) to keep a constant number; type -classicstyle to bring back the units killed display;
8. -tipsoff (only for the host) - turns off the tips; the tips lasts first 7 minutes of the game, so after 7 minutes the command turns off;
9. -disablemusic (only for the host) - turns off the music from events;
10. -nofog (only for the host) - turns off the dark fog;
11. -lvlup (only in single player) - increases Hero's level by 1;
12. -lvlmax (only in single player) - sets Hero's level to 40 (maximum);
13. -Esc key (only in single player) - press Esc to restore your Hero's hit points and mana.

7. Systems

The map has 5 systems implemented that makes the gameplay more exciting:
1. Spell Show system - every time a unit uses a spell the name of it is shown above the unit;
2. Levelup system - when a Hero gains a level he will heal for a small amount, but he will also damage nearby units;
3. Experience system - the Hero increases experience rate by 1% at every 4 enemies killed;
4. Random Terrain system - at the beginning of the game the host can select in which tileset to play, giving a random terrain of the selected tileset.
5. Gold Bounty system - in this map you don't receive gold just when you kill the enemy, every time you attack him 20% of damage dealt will be converted into gold.

Map protected, PM me if you want an unprotected version.

Change Log
Version 2.21 changes (general changes):

-bounty increased on all units
-reduced life of all creeps
-cost decreased on all items
-added the Creep Market
-reduced number of triggers
-increased strength Heroes damage
-all Heroes have the same attack speed at the beginning of game
-reduced armor of towers
-changed some item icons (about 10 new icons)
-changed 4 attack and armor icons (magic, hero attack/hero, creep armor)
-new item added: Spell of Summoning: Stormreaver Necrolytes (Apocalypse Day Spells)
-new item added: Gamble (Apocalypse Day Spells)
-added gold and lumber cost on all items tooltips
-reduced coming time of Life Enders with 4 minutes
-added more special effects on Commanders Fight.

Version 2.22 changes:

-terrain changed
-reduced coming time of all events (Cenarius vs Magtheridon battle, Commanders battle, Apocalypse Day)
-Life Enders give 50 lumber when they die
-added Bomber Goblin to the Creep Market.

Version 2.23 changes:

-disabled global experience
-added Life Blood/Deathless to Apocalypse Day Spells
-added War Aura to Aura Shop
-added Ironforge Aura to Aura Shop
-added Bonecrush Aura to Aura Shop
-added Savage Aura to Aura Shop
-added Redemption Aura to Aura Shop
-increased number of starting Ogre Magi/Revenant of the Seas from 2 to 3
-fixed a bug with item upgrade/combine system
-some small terrain changes.

Version 2.3a changes:

-terrain changed on Heroes region
-removed Hero Removal mode due to a major bug that couldn't be fixed
-removed 1 Guard/Watch Tower from the middle corridor
-fixed a bug with leaver players
-remade item switching system
-modified selection scale for some buildings
-further reduced map size with ~100kb.

Version 2.3b changes:

-new system added, now the host can choose the tileset at the beginning, givig a random terrain every time you play the map
-now the host can also be player 3 if player 1 is not playing
-new Hero added, the Undead Firecaller (Dark Forces)
-every 2 agility points (3 points before) increase movement speed by 1
-changed "Purchase item" text with "Acquire item" to all items
-rearranged items in some shops.

Version 2.3c changes:

-new Hero: Lord Garithos the Alliance Commander (Light Forces)
-loading screen changed
-fixed a bug with dialogs that were showing to player 1 and player 3 at map initialization.

Version 2.3e changes:

-new Hero added: Enraged Giant (Light Forces)
-removed the Temple Guardian Hero
-reduced the movement speed of War Tank/Meat Wagon
-improved the -ms command
-decreased replenish interval for some items
-new spell added: Demon Boost (Warlock Reaper)
-fixed a bug with Soul Steal spell (Dead Prince)
-changed color of spell casted text to blue
-further reduced map size with ~300kb.

Version 2.3f changes:

-some UI changes
-new system added: from now on you will receive gold based per damage dealt, so everytime you attack an enemy 20% of your damage dealt will be converted into gold; the lumber is still received in the old way, just by killing the enemy
-improved Illidan's Blood Light spell
-changed Heroes movement speed
-changed some buildings facing angle.

Version 2.4b changes:

-fixed a bug with Headshot spell (Undead Archer)
-fixed a bug with Dreadload spell (Dreadlord)
-fixed a bug with Black Totem spell (Draenei Punisher)
-decreased Tiger's Strike spell chance from 13% to 10%
-new spell added: Mortal Arrow (Undead Archer)
-new spell added: Phoenix Fire (Undead Blood Mage)
-new tileset added: Lordaeron Summer
-added a message that displays when one of your creeps die and shows how many slots you have for hiring creeps
-changed commanders models
-increased commanders damage and decreased attack rate
-increased Castle's/Black Citadel's damage
-changed dragons from Winged Invasion models and changed name of the event (Beast Wreckage)
-changed DDay's event name to Redemption Day
-decreased Cenarius' and Magtheridon's attack rate
-new item added: Gloves of Fury (2x Gloves of Haste)
-added gate models to the Passage Blockers.

Version 2.4c changes:

-changed Fountains
-changed Light Forces Commander model
-reduced scaling value of all bosses
-new experience bar
-little environment changes
-bosses will increase their scaling value on each level (in other words: higher boss level, bigger boss)
-fixed a typo on Undead's Slayer Divine Protection ability
-changed Black Citadel's missile model.

Version 2.4d changes:

-new Hero: Lich
-new Hero selection system
-new minimap image
-fixed some spelling error
-increased number of spawned Footmen by 1
-increased number of spawned Ghouls by 1
increased number of spawned Riflemen by 1
-increased number of spawned Crypt Fiends by 1
-levelups do AoE damage based on level; higher level, higher damage
-increased bosses experience rate by 40%
-other minor improvements.

apocalypse, day, light, dark, aos, a-day, TLW, good, evil, metamorphic, ady, illidan, invasion, commanders, romania.

Apocalypse Day v2.4d (Map)

18:30, 23rd Jun 2008 Septimus: According to the mini moderator DevineArmy review, this map seems can be approve with no further test been done on it.
  1. bboy-tiger-


    Jul 28, 2007
    Map is good but it has to many issues, like map delay (when you playing you have delay)...
  2. sher75


    Apr 16, 2009
    this game IS WICKED SICK
    great job dude u rock :D
  3. venoxis


    Sep 17, 2009
    big probleme whit the map

    HI i like the picture of the map and have whanted to see what its look like but whend i try play i select the map,select my color,start the game and i got back to map selecting...
  4. bhusta


    Mar 6, 2008
    will there be an update?
  5. worms577


    May 27, 2008
    This one don t work too 'til the warcraft 3 patch :'(
  6. apcrabnightlive


    Oct 7, 2014
    I also have this problem.
  7. bhusta


    Mar 6, 2008
    This map does not work with the latest patch.
  8. apcrabnightlive


    Oct 7, 2014
    Is there any other way?