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[Spell] Any way to make auras effect dead units?

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Level 31
Jul 10, 2007

I tried devotion aura and changed its target to dead and it failed ;(

so anyone have any ideas? I think it'd be cool to have auras that effect dead units, like change decay time or have a chance to resurrect a dead unit with the aura whenever a live unit with the aura gets hit or w/e ; P

I've been coding an AuraStruct thingie and I've love to support dead units : )

nvm, I decided to expand the way conditions are done to be able to allow for anything, even beyond what wc3 is capable of ^)^.
When the unit dies, add it in a global group and fire a timer when it starts to decay; the timer can be configurable, depending either on the death time of the unit in the object editor or the gameplay constants. Then, loop through the global group and check the distance between the x/y of the aura bearer; if it is less or equal to the range of the skill, it can be affected. In order to prevent them from getting affected twice or replace higher level of auras with lower ones affecting them at the same time, again, a global group sounds like the way to go.

Edit: my fault, you register units with the inrange event. You could register the event for the dead units, not the aura bearer though. I think that would work.
Level 20
Jul 14, 2011
Why don't you revive dead units and Hide them/make them invisible/make them invulnerable but play their dead/decay animation / cast ethereal/banish on them so they're not dead to the system, but dead to the player, and make the aura effect work based on that? Revert the process if you're resurrecting them.

Then dead units don't have to 'dissapear'. They can be wandering spirits, or morph into some other 'form life', or whatever :p Design your own dead system, and forget the WC3 one.
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