[Solved] One aura with multiple effects?

Level 9
Mar 17, 2016
Hi, I'm just trying to make one rather powerful aura that will basically give the effects of Devotion aura, Brilliance aura, and War drums. The way I have it now is the hero will level up devotion aura and then triggers will grant the other 2. My problem now is that if I try to make the extra auras get added as an ability they show up on the players HUD taking up too much space, but if I try to make the effects get added (through items that are based off of runes) they show up beneath the caster and the auras themselves are only enabled on the triggering unit and do not grant buffs to nearby units.

Is there a way around this, or is it possible to use the channel ability here to make the icon invisible?
Level 19
Dec 4, 2007
when using the newer editors (i believe it's functioning since v1.30), you can use

Unit - For (Triggering unit), Ability Command Aura, Hide ability: True

otherwise use the spellbook trick