Annihilation [2 parts] - SFX Contest 5 Submission

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Submission for SFX Contest 5 - The Highway to Hell.

It's always been my dream to replace Flamestrike with a dark, demonic hell-flame. And now it's done!

Requires Two Models, But Can Be Used Separately
- AnnihilationTarget: This is the vortex at the beginning
- AnnihilationBlast: This is the pillar of flame after the vortex

To Replace Flamestrike:

- [Flame Strike Ability] Art - Effect: AnnihilationTarget.mdx
- [Flame Strike Ability] Art - Special: AnnihilationBlast.mdx
- [Flame Strike Effect] Art - Effect: None (Looks best without the original embers)

Flamestrike Replacement Demo (Using Above Settings):

WARNING: Not Compatible with Reforged. For whatever reason, Reforged has deleted some classic TFT textures, rendering the model unusable. Is totally fine in Classic.

Annihilation_Blast [1/2 parts] - SFX Contest 5 Submission (Model)

Annihilation_Target [2/2 Parts] - SFX Contest 5 Submission (Model)

General Frank
A very good looking effect model. Works in-game.