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animation editing tutorial request

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May 12, 2011
Hi, I am requesting for a tutorial. It can be a whole new made or a link to a relevant one. I am also accepting model making services.

I am trying to get one animation from one model and transfer it to another model. But I only want a part of the animation. For example, keeping a footman's animations and adding peasants walking animation by taking only the legs and attaching it to the footman, with having the same animation from the peasant. Is that even possible? This is just an example not really my situation.

I have a base model to work with. I am using only for private use because it is a wow model. I know they are illegal. I want to keep its animations then add an animation from a druid of the talon model. Its the right arm of the druid holding his staff. I want exactly that transferred on to my base model, holding upright.

Sorry if i sound confusing or explain not so well. I have attached images below to clarify things.

Hope someone can help. Or you can even make a new model for that resembles deckard cain from diablo 2, but that's a different topic. Thanks in advance.


  • basemodel.png
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  • druidthing.png
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  • Jomwarcraft1.png
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