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Submitted by kellym0
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Another one of my Various plant models, Yet many more soon to come, I present to you all: Animated CatTail version B

pretty standard, a basic plant ward, not magical like my flowers, just natural and realistic like my first animated cattail version A

it has all the quality's and requirements to be a ward. the animations are:

Stand Portrait 1

people may say it is too similar to my other cattail, but you cannot recolor particle emitters in the world editor, these particles are darker green, and slightly larger then the last cattail.

it has also been Re-UV wrapped to Textures\AshenNatural from the sunken ruins texture.

give credits and what not, you have my permission to edit it as you like. remember to make the death time seconds 1.24 or else particles will disappear before they where designed to and you will find it looks buggy. to remove this bug, simply set the death time seconds to either 1.24 exactly, or more. suggested size of 0.9-1.5.

Plant, Destructible plant, Animated Plant, Plant Ward, Ward,

AnimatedCatTailBv.025 (Model)

21:22, 7th Dec 2012 -Grendel: great just like your other models
  1. 21:22, 7th Dec 2012
    -Grendel: great just like your other models
  2. jonbon29


    Aug 19, 2014
    This is perfect for my village dude tnx.