Animated Missle

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Hello everyone at hive i have tried for about 2 hours to figure out how to make a stream effect move. For an Experienced modeler this should take 5 mins tops

What i want:
A model based off seering arrow but it moves forward about 500 (game aoe), i also want the ribbon to follow

Or someone to help me do it myself

Why i want it:
I am makeing a hero defence syle map called Evil Dead
(yes it is based off of the cult clasic), and one of the units is a sniper with a "pierceing" attack (missle line) But the missle art stops at the first target it hits. and this takes away from the effect of the attack. Im sure i could do this with triggers but i dont know Jass, which means it would leak every attack and might cause some lag.

Nothing Except model credit in the quest of my game.
(Im new to hive and im not sure how everything works yet, such as the +rep system.)

Game Info: Based on the 3 part cult trillogy Evil Dead (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army Of Darkness).
Shortly after Ash returns to his own time, the portal into the past is re-opened. An army of Skeletons, Gargoyles, Necromancers, and other evil Creatures Come Pouring into the future. In a last ditch government effort to seal the portal for good they send a team of 8 elite Fighters.

What Sets this game apart:
1. When you die you become a zombie unless while in zombie you kill another player, inwhich they become a zombie. and you come back to life.

2. the level spawns are semi random and will be 2 or more different types of units per level (about 50% of the time)

3. Most level units have abilitys (custom ones)
*Examples: lvl 1 necros summon skeletons, Lvl 2 Gouls Attack then flee and then come back to strike again. lvl 3 Zombie Bandits(duno if im keeping) Spawn a skeleton from there corps. lvl 4 Scarabs burrow underground then pop up near you or on u (if on it stuns briefly). lvl 5 Flameing Zombies have immolation and randomly revive. lvl 6 Meat Wagons Throw Zombies at you. Theese are just the first few levels i will release in the demo in a few weeks.
I may decide to add different units before or after theese or change them around a bit but it isnt likely. those units are all done and have been semi balanced.

4. Most items will have negative bonuses to (such as hp degen for 'heavy' items. or mana used to permanently learn how to use 'complicated' items)

5. Actually Hard. With many difficultys rangeing from your team haveing Alot of Hit points, to where you die in about 10 hits.

6. About 150-250 units per round (3 players to keep from unit stall)

7. Loads of bonus Secret stuff, Such as heros, items, even levels)

8. Maybe a code System, the more i think about it the less i lean twards it because its to easy to hack.

9. no 'middle' to protect.

10. a larg 'nicely' done castle terrain

11. hopefully a small file size from the looks of it im looking at about 500kb-1mb after mdls.

12. Models&Skins that actually fit warcraft 3

13. random quest for rewards.

14. No Buyable Tomes, it has to be impossible to balance a game with tomes and different attack; types,speeds,aoe,damages.

15. Dedicated creator, who is open to sugestions, and will release an unprotected copy, if the game ever gets popular.

If this request actually gets answered, i may have more request for other odds and ends (nuthing big like a character).
I am also kind of also looking for a partner, Qualitys i am looking for are: Frequently on battlenet, Knows Jass (not a req), Can Animate (also not a req), Is good with world editor, Wont STEAL my map (this IS a REQUIREMENT)

The Demo will be probably be released within 1-2 weeks(from this post), depending on how buisy i am. The Demo is about 80% done. The Demo features the sniper, the first 6 levels, semi-random spawns, Hard, Nice almost compleet Terrain, The Death and revival System.

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Now that im looking at it i think im going to have to trigger it because i think the missle disapears when the first part of the mdl hits the unit rather than the 0 axis of the model which i origionally thought it was?
Maybe it could move forward on a death animation? Now that i have rep i think i can give it? id give both my rep points for it.

New Reward: +Rep

New Possibility: make the death animation of seering arrow make the arrow move forward about 500 game aoe before exploding (with the ribbon following)
Im gonna bump this 1 last time because i really need the mdl.
Ive done a few of the tutorials on animateing here, and still cant find why the ribbon emitter (which is attached to the main bone that moves) isnt working (its also normal searing arrow ribbon i didnt edit it..)

If someone could atleast tell me what im doing wrong there? I would greatly apreciate it!
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