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Ancient Runica

Year -, Day 1-5
Location: Kirin Tor
Report to: Chancellor -, High Magistrate of Kirin Tor Magis Council

The Dwarven expedition, led by Maghtir Rockwalker, with the collaboration of Kirin Tor Mages, went deep down beneath Kirin Tor to explore the mysterious civilization that have been rumored by the adventurers. Based on their record, this ruined, ancient civilization that had live for thousands of years ago and was very advanced, more so than the Draenei themselves. Without them knowing, one of the Kirin Tor researcher, Magna, accidentally activate the rune in the main control room (based on their description) and activate the mechanical being, which they called this machine "Runica" since the civilization using the rune and magic for their daily life.

The first Runica that their discovered is Ancient Runica. This machine, unlike the golem conjured by mages or machines by Goblin or Gnome, have complex structures and does't use any resources to maintain itself due to the core of the Runica machine. It's been reported that there are thousands of them, in which the researcher can assume that this civilization was prepared to go to war, but something happened and the civilization fell to it's demise. In any case, the Runica Ancient seems to not act violent towards the party, but instead waiting for the command of Magna. While record is still incomplete, the expedition still going and hopefully more of the Runica machine can be found in these civilization.

P.S: Hi. Thanks for take a look at this model and spend some time reading the lore that I created even tho I didn't play any WoW. Either way, this is my take of the original race, Runica, based on the Artifact cards in the online card games Shadowverse. While it's not perfect, I like the design of it and maybe I can make more of these. Thank you again and enjoy you day.

Tag: Runica, Ancient, Gnome

Ancient Runica (Model)

General Frank
A small but very well made custom model with good use of in-game textures. Animations are very nicely made. GOod job.