Amored StalHound (Skeletal-Wolf)

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This is just a makeover of the old StalHound Model. It's without a custom Texture, with Team-Color and a new Head/Tail (Frostwyrm) and blue eyes. And it really looks like the StalHound of the Legend of Zelda (Twilight Princess) franchise.

Grey Armor parts, Claws = Thanks to Sellenisko's Old Amored Wolf Model (Sorry Friend. I had forgotten it was yours and thanks to misha i corrected it. I hope you can forgive me.)


Update 06. May. 2016
-Just some Changes (Like Armor Clipping, Position of the Claws etc.)
-Added Spikes at the Back of the Creature
-Added a Spiky Collar to it's neck
-Used "Calculate Extents" (I don't know what it does, but Misha suggested it)

(For some who doesn't know: "Stal" is a shortcut for "Skeletal", so it's full name means "Armored Skeletal Hound". NOT "Skeleton Hound" or "Armor Hound")

Update 07. May. 2016
-Removed the Bloody Skeleton.

Armor, Armored, Skeleton, Skeletal, Wolf, Skeleton Wolf, Stalhound, Stalfos, The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess

Amored StalHound (Skeletal-Wolf) (Model)

much better, but there's a lot that could be fixed now, like armor and skeleton clipping, lower jaw should be biting in that attack anim, claws don't exactly fit the model, position-wise, and the bones that make the legs could use being connected to each other in some way

also i'm not sure what makes it pulse in size in hive-viewer.. maybe needs 'calculate extents'?


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Jan 22, 2011
that still makes no sense, Himperion :p

oh and it was me that doubleposted, because i was the last to comment and, the author of this model needed some more suggestions on the model, there was some time between my previous and second comment tho

totally legitimately makes absolute sense to me. I think you are getting old in tastes misha.
Moderation Comment:

This is a decent model overall. Works flawlessly in-game, and is surely useful. I'd recommend changing the death sound, at the moment the Wolf death sound doesn't fit it very much. And also, the blood it spills upon death isn't very much according to a skeletal beast - you might want to change that to a more undeadish blood splat. (Some wrap regions aren't the best, for instance the armors, or the seamed parts of the ribcage, but overall it works well)
Approved, but such changes would be appreciated.