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[Solved] Alternating loading screen text?

Level 3
Feb 11, 2012
It's very common in video games today to have text in the loading screens that explain mechanics, lore, etc of said game. I was wondering if it were possible to do something like that in warcraft. Which I know you can, but the problem is having the text change each time the player loads the game. The reason I asked this, is because I think this is a very good way to give players neccesary information without getting in the way of the actual gameplay. If anyone knows how (or if it's even possible), please tell me. It would save me a lot of time. Thanks.

"Triggers & Scripts In this forum you may ask for help on fixing a trigger or script. But if you need help getting started with a trigger, this is not the right place — use the World Editor Help Zone." I just read that after posting this, sorry lol
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