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Alpha Skinning In PSP [Reviewed: Ghan]

Level 5
Feb 10, 2008
Hi there guys, Today i will be teaching you how to alpha skin in paint shop pro.
I will say sorry a head of time for not having screen shots of what u should do.

Ok, Lets get started shall we?
Step 1:
First of all you need too find you image in Warcraft 3 Viewer Or Warcraft 3 Image Extractor II. Find the BLP you want, and in warcraft 3 viewer hit: Current File, Extract and Convert textures and extract the main file. it may be units/unitgroup/ some thing. but in a lot of cases it will say Textures/unitname
extract that 1.

Step 2:
you need too open up warcraft 3 Viewer and hit TGA to BLP. It will Convert it. Next you open up PSP and start 2 draw. WARNING: do not draw to much as alot of files do not have a alpha channel yet!
so do a little drawing then hit save as. and what i do is save it by number so 1 2 3 4 5 and so on. then open up viewer again and hit TGA too BLP and if it has no aloha channel it will ask you if you want 2 add 1. say "yes" then convert that BLP too TGA again.
Step 3:
What you do now is Click Layers, then load/save mask, load mask from alpha channel. Ok so youv got 2 the alpha skin part.
just draw around experimenting with it untill your done.so go too layers, Load/Save mask. then save mask too alpha channel. the auto save name will be a mask some thing. change it 2 Alpha Channel 1. then save it
Step 4:
Convert the TGA into a BLP again. Open up world editor, import manager import your skin, then find the main texture like i said in the start then
you are done

Hope this Helped :ap:
Level 22
Feb 26, 2008
Well, I think there is already a tutorial about Alpha Skinning, but that one was made by a guest....
I think there are several things you could improve with this tutorial:

1. Check grammar and syntax.
2. Expand on your topic. This tutorial seems a bit short.
3. Organize this better. It's hard to see the separation of your steps in the process. Could there be a better way to separate things out? What if you add in more concepts? How will they fit in?