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Jun 2, 2011
Feb 10, 2008


Seduced You

plaid_man was last seen:
Jun 2, 2011
    1. Misha
      i agree with hawkwing.

      and rating it by me would only get your determination to zero.
      i'm a serious critiquer.
    2. Hawkwing
      The whole thing just needs some improvement. Everything is rather poor quality. It's undefined and, in general, messy.
    3. Misha
      here we go :D you find your rejected resource and you find the "Update" button, click that and then do everything like submiting ^_^
    4. Misha
      might consider "Updating" your first old skin. that way it won't get rejected immediately.. or at leas you might not get punished for resubmiting the same skin.
    5. Misha
      I.. I can't believe this D= they took one, just one comment to wipe out the skin, leaving no place for critique. Sorry buddy 8(
    6. RED BARON
      Okay, good it worked out for you, to bad about the freehand. Just tell if you need any other help
    7. RED BARON
      sending the model then?
    8. Misha
      uh.. do another double-post and you fly out >.< I've had enough patience with you ~.~

      ...will chek..
    9. Misha
      so.. you're actually building a model eh?
      well 8) expect me to be even more harsh with critique there
      after all ^^ i AM a modeler.

      for instance: you can see my models here and in my albums.
    10. Misha
      umm dude..... have you heard about the "EDIT" button? oO *eyetwitch*

      EDIT: you can change the part of the cape/hood to be a hair but... w/e
    11. Misha
      uh what? oO
      arthas is another human hero (campaign)

      what do you don't understand? oO
    12. Misha
      i think you can do desided efect even though she wears a cape.. but yea.. she'll still retain the cape.. it's just that kind of model =/

      and you're lucky with Jaina x3 Arthas model is ALL teamcolor X3
    13. Misha
      even if you were able to remove the TC and cape you'll find amost all of her head sliced off to just a weird floating mask @.@ i seriously don't recomend that... in skining you need to learn to make most of what the skin gives you not the model.... 8(

      so....... think of something different..... although i liike your idea that will not stop me from shredding your skin with critique lol....
    14. RED BARON
      Hmmm you say her picture showed up... seems like you kinda replaced the teamcolor layer wrongly.... You could send me the model and I give it a fixing... (of course only if I can, but should work ;)
    15. Misha
      Whoa, a triplepost :D

      well.. if you're doin' skins there is no way to remove the teamcolor but to paint it over. removing teamcolor requires model editing and it's kinda a waste of time creating a model JUST for the purpose of removing teamcolor.

      so my friend..... better find an idea how to mask it or create a design which keeps the teamcolor. those two are your only options in skining.

    16. RED BARON
      To remove teamcolor: Use ModelEditor ->Windows-> Material Manager->find the material with the teamcolor layer (look for something with a texture named Replaceable ID 1)

      That should do the trick, remember to remove the replaceable ID 1 texture by using texture manager.
    17. Misha
      well... you can start by visualising what you really want with the skin, and with reading a few skining tutorials you can easily make it Epic :D

      ~Misha the critiquer~
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