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Alpha Skinning Help needed.

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Level 15
Sep 3, 2009
hi everyone. i started skinning today and everything was going great till i needed to alpha out some stuff. i followed one tutorial and it didnt work. not only that but the original alphas from the skin stopped working. idk what im doing wrong. i save one version of the skin in psd for later use. and another in tga for converting. then i convert it to blp and import it. i use photoshop cs4. plz help if you can. all files are attached.


  • Warlord.PSD
    386.2 KB · Views: 73
  • Warlord copy test.tga
    256 KB · Views: 84
  • Warlord copy test.blp
    180.7 KB · Views: 110
Level 10
Jan 5, 2007
The Alpha channel is there on the PSD, but it's pure white on the TGA. Check to make sure you're saving with an alpha channel? Also, I'm just drawing at straws here, but make sure when you save your TGA that you only use the first alpha layer. Hope this helps, even remotely.

If not, hopefully I or someone else will be able to work it out for you.
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