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Jan 7, 2012
Allods RTS - The Game of Gods



...I could not even imagine that our world is just a prison, made by one God for another. Soon all of us will have to make a choice. It's not a choice between Good and Evil, no. Such a choice would be an easy one to make. We will have to choose the lesser of two great evils - Saurn, the God of Creation and Nihaz, the God of Destruction...

Idenus, the Archruler of the League

Somewhere, somewhen, Saurn - The God of Creation, and Nihaz - The God of Destruction fought each other. Nihaz prevailed. But a God cannot be slain, only imprisoned. So Nihaz has created a dark planet as a prison, and placed Saurn deep into its center. To guard the prisoner, Nihaz created 12 Dragon Watcher, that would see that the God of Creation stays imprisoned forever. So as long as the planet exists, Saurn can never be free. The planet was called Saurnout.

It had lasted for millions of years, until a meteor fell out of nowhere on Saurnout, killing one of the Dragon Watchers. The imprisoning influence was slightly weakened, allowing Saurn to influe on the surface of the planet, but no more than that. He had to destroy his prison to set free, but could not do that himself yet, so he decided to do that using other hands. Using his powers of Creation, he began to create life on the surface of the planet, such as plants and animals. His first created intelligent race were Elves. But Elves were too much creative species, that like Saurn, loved to create things. They loved the world, respected the life, worshiped beauty, and could not be a tool for the world's destruction. The God of Creation understood, that to create such being, that would destroy Saurnout, he had to change himself, to become the God of Destruction, like his archenemy - Nihaz.

Saurn's second creation were Human. The best of the humans were red-skinned, who grew more capable than the other human tribes. They called themselves Joon. Saurn began to favor the Joon race, teaching them how to live, to survive, to kill, to hunt, to dominate. Then he gave him the perfect enemy - the Dragon Watchers, telling them that their very being was to destroy all life in Saurnout. Saurn unleashed his newly made tool against the Dragons. Joon had successfully slain almost all of the Dragon Watchers, until there were only 3 remained. At that point, the remained Dragons asked for help from Nihaz, the God of Destruction and their creator. Nihaz interrupted, revealing himself to the Joons, telling them that the one who set them loose on the Dragon intended to destroy Saurnout to set himself free, and by killing all the Dragons he would achieve his goal. Saurn could'nt interfere with Nihaz's interruption - his influence was still too weak. Nihaz promised Joons his protection, if they betray Saurn and stay by his side.

Saurn hoped that his "children" would not betray their "father", but in vain. Realizing that their action could bring to the planet's destruction, the Joon race betrayed Saurn and allied with Nihaz. Lust for vengeance, Saurn created a powerful chaotic being - The Grudge, which began hunting and slaying all the Joons. When many of the Joons had been slaughtered, they came to Nihaz, asking for help. Nihaz fulfilled the promise he had given to them before, and saved them from the Grudge, but using a very costful method. He turned the remained Joons into Wormfaced monstrosities, that cannot walk the daylight and therefore had to live underground. It was then, when a proud and honored race was cursed, and disappeared from the face of Saurnout and its history. The Grudge was hunting Joons, tracking them by their genetics. Therefore, when the Joons were turned into the Wormfaced, the Grudge siezed hunting them. Oh, yes... Nihaz indeed saved them from the curse, only to strike them with another.

Not all of the humans were in fact Joons. Many nomadic tribes - which probably were not a part of the Joon Empire - were living at the shadow of the Joon race. Joon's sudden disappear gave birth to new human civilizations, such as Zem, Khadagan and Canya. Saurnout was in prosperity, and nobody even suspected, that their world was a prison made by one God for another. They did not even dream, that the God of Creation was trying to turn into a God of Destruction, and the God of Destruction himself was standing nearby Saurnout and manipulating the world nations as a puppeteer, playing them for his own entertainment.

Realizing that Dragon could not be counted on, Nihaz has created 12 seals that would keep Saurn imprisoned. But those seals could not weaken the powers Saurn already had over Saurnout.

It was then, when the Great Mages had appeared. The first Great Mages were Elven mages, but the the secret was passed to humans, too. To become a Great Mage, the mage had to drink the blood of a Dragon. When Joons were killing the Dragons, the Dragon's blood was stored. Drinking the blood made a man die, or to become a Great Mage. The second case did not give them ultimate powers, but it did allow them to live thousands of years. There is another feature that the Dragon blood provided those who drunk it. Read about it below...

That paradise did not last forever. The cataclysm had occurred. It is unknown, whether Saurn had set up this event, or he was just benefiting from it later, but it sure had given Saurn a helping hand. A blue chaotic and mysterious substance called the Astral began consuming all the world, all the land, all the living. The planet began quickly disintegrating. Using the Dragon blood, the Great Mages stopped the advance of the Atral, saving many pieces of lands. It was confirmed, that the blood of the Dragon was the tool to protect the land from being consumed by the Astral. The saved islands were called Allods. The Great Mages had to be present on the Allods in order to protect them.

So, despite the Cataclysm, Saurnout kept living on, maybe not like before, but it lived. Saurn, the God of Creation realized, that human, despite their lust for destruction, could never destroy the world entirely. When they were getting to a critical point, they were always trying to restore the damage they had inflicted. Saurn understood, that to achieve his goal, he need to create such a race, that their very being was meant for but one purpose - destruction. And unlike the other races, this race must survive and live in the Astral. He remembered his first chaotic creation - The Grudge - and created a race similar that that powerful being - the Astral Demons.

Meanwhile, other races of Saurnout discovered the way to travel inside the Astral - between the Allods, using pieces of the meteor. The one that had killed one of the Dragon Watchers so long ago...

Even long before the Cataclysm, there were 2 opposing factions - Canya and Khadagan. After the Cataclysm, Elves and Hibberlings joined Canya, forming the League. Hibberlings - were gnome-like intelligent small creatures, lovers of sea voyages and adventures. It was they, who first discovered a way to travel through Astral.

Orcs and the Reanimated joined Khadagan, forming the Empire. Orcs were created by Saurn for the same purpose as other races. There were highly addicted to destruction, but were too stupid to serve Saurn's purpose. However, Khadaganians have learned to use them as the front-line forces, or "living shield" in their campaigns. Zem (Reanimated) were a highly intelligent and advanced human race before the Cataclysm, but they died because of a virus, created by a powerful Zem necromancer. Their souls were captured in a pyramid, built by this necromancer, that intended to live forever, using his adversaries' souls. However, the Cataclysm had shattered the pyramid, and all the captured soul returned to their vessels. Due to mechanical gadgets inserted into their bodies during their lifetime, their bodies could not decay. Zem had had vast knowledge in mechanics. Technically, they could live forever due to those technologies. Khadaganian considered them as "Intelligent Undead".

After the Astral travels had become available, the League and the Empire continued their eternal conflict, as long ago before the Cataclysm. Both factions had equal power, and it seemed this conflict could not end, until the new enemy revealed itself, forcing both faction to fight the new treat side by side. The Astral Demons had started a massive assault on all the Allods, slaying the Great Mages that were protecting them from consumpton. Without a Great Mage present on an Allod, this Allod will be consumed by the Astral. That was exactly the goal of the Astral Demons.

Joining forces, League and Empire managed to destroy a large amount of Astral Demons, and seal the gate, from which as it was said. the Demon were coming. This great victory was achieved with a very high price. After it, League and Empire were in peace, until one day they have found a new allod, so they resumed they was...

In the meantime, expeditions from both League and Empire have found another Allods, which contained the ruins of an ancient Joon city, now called The Dead City. There they have encountered the Wormfaced, that claimed to be the Joon race... or what remained of it. They told the newcomers everything they new about them, about Saurn, Nihaz and all that "Game of Gods".

One of the Dragon Watchers, called The Great Dragon, decided to rebel against his former master Nihaz, because when Nihaz nad created the 12 seals. he and all other Dragons lost their purposes and usefulness. The Dragon genetically created a new race - The Dragonspawn, and allied with the Wormfaced Joons. Demons of Saurn decided to destroy Nihaz too, by the order of Saurn. However, League and Empire have yet to choose, what side would pick...


Author: FatalBlade
Genre: RTS (altered melee)
Maximum Number of Players: Upto 8
Map Size: 224х224
Landscape: Astral, a blue space, which contain floating islands. These island are the only land in Saurnout
Description: In this map you will have to take part in the conflict between the League, the Empire and the Joon race. The Jenre is Altered Melee. In addition to destroying your enemies, you can collect the Diamond Armor Set for your heroes, which give them unique bonuses. Also, you can hunt down The Great Dragon, which flies randomly all over the map, attacking everything he encounters on his way. There are also 2 Gods - Saurn. the God of Creation, and Nihaz, the God of Destruction. You can slay both, but you also can seal a pact (ally) with one of them, but advancing into Tier 4, which gives you additional unique upgrades. Which upgrades you get, depends on the God you have allied with.

In game features

- 3 unique races from the Allods universe. You can play in the multiplayer game, as well as you can play against AI.
- The landscape is Astral, a blue colorful space, that contains piecies of floating islands, called Allods. On those islands the game takes place.
- The Astral sky looks very nice :)
- One of the greatest differences between my map and the original Warcraft 3, that here you can upgrade to Tier 4, when Warcraft 3 has only 3 Tiers.
- The upgrade to Tier 4 is in the main structure of Tier 3. There you choose how to upgrade your town - with the help of Saurn of Nihaz.
- Upgrading to Tier 4, you choose one of the 2 Gods to be your ally, and to provide you with additional upgrades.
- At the beginning of the game, you are an enemy to both Gods, but when you upgrade to Tier 4, you will eventually ally with one of them.
- Tier 4 gives you 4 new upgrades. Which upgrades - depends on the God you have chosen
- You can slay both Saurn and Nihaz, not allying with them, but this way you will not get Tier 4 upgrades.
- Sealing a pact with one of the Gods, you cannot revert it, or break the alliance. The upgrades of the other God are not available to you..
- Neutral creeps respawn periodically. Moreover, sometimes Astral Demon "fall" from the sky. They belong or to Saurn or to Nihaz.
- The Great Dragon always randomly flying all over the map, attacking everyone he encounters.
- The Dragon has 10,000 HP. After each 1000 HP he looses, he retreats to the center of the map.
- Arriving to the center of the map, the Great Dragon again flies somewhere to attack the unsuspecting players, until he looses another 1000 HP, and retreats again.
- There is the Diamond Armor Set, with unique and useful bonuses. The armor set contains Armor, Helmet, Boots, Gloves and Sword.
- The League sells Diamond Gloves at the Item Market on Tier 3. The Empire sells Diamond Boots, and Joon sell Diamond Helmet.
- When Saurn, Nihaz, or The Great Dragon die, they drop the full Diamond Armor Set.
- At the center of the map, there are 3 lines, where Saurn's Demons fight against Nihaz's Demons all the time.
- There is a small chance that Astral Demons will drop one of Diamond Armor Set parts, when they die.
- All the Diamond Armor Set parts dropped when the carrier dies.
- The heroes have many interesting and non-standard spells. Also the units are very unique and interesting.
- It is impossible to finish the game within 10-15 minuts using rush tactics, simply because the map is large, and there are many neutral creeps on the way. By the way those neutral creeps give a good opportunity for heroes to train levels and get some more gold and lumber.




























Release Version

This version is just a test version now. I would like you people to test it and contact me if you have to tell me something about the following things:
1- Ideas for balansing the races.
2- Overall Ideas and suggestions.
3- Bugs.
4- Geodate problems.
5- Game running (how good or bad the game runs in multiplayer).

Contact Information

Skype: yevgeny902107053
ICQ: 193370042

Credits for models

Vermillion Edict
The Weird Human


Version: v0.8
Download Allods RTS - The Game of Gods v0.8
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Somewhere, somewhen, The Gods of Creation and The God of Destruction fought each other. Nihaz prevailed.

You introduced the God of Creation (also misspelled it as Gods), and the God of Destruction and then introduced Nihaz, which sort of, came out of the blue.

Yes, I know the two characters are told in the sort of introduction part, but still, introduce both first as a whole, not just by titles.