All Terrain Attack Pod

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The AT-AP was a heavy, portable plasma artillery used by the republic army during the clone wars. It was designed as a siege weapon, meant to move quickly into position and shell enemies from a distance.

This model includes dual animation sets - one for when the walker is undeployed, and one for when it is deployed, with morph animations to switch in between. The idea is that it uses the heavy cannon in the deployed set and the light turret in the undeployed set, but since i realize people might not want to use it as a morphing unit, i included a secondary attack animation where it fires the main cannon while undeployed. In this case it will use the small cannon for attack-1, and the large cannon for attack-2.

There is also a "spell slam" animation for the deployed set, where it charges the main gun and fires three rounds in rapid succession. I think basing an ability on Cluster Rockets, and setting "projectile count" to 3, together with some tinkering with the intervals, would work well with it. The model is slightly underscaled, so i recommend setting the scaling value to 1.2.

I spent a lot of time working out the details for this - small puffs of dust will appear whenever a foot touches down, and i also added rumbling footstep sounds to make it seem more massive. There are also tons of attachment points to use. The "turret" on top supports bone locking, so you can use triggers to lock it onto a target (using "animation - lock body part facing" on the "head" bone). There are no sounds for the attack animations, since i assume the projectiles will have launch sounds. If you do want sounds for them, let me know, and i can teach you how to add them in magos model editor. Now run off and make some damn star wars maps!

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All Terrain Attack Pod (Model)

22:41, 6th Apr 2015 MiniMage: Lovely. Smooth animations and masterful design.

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I really like the animations on this one. Very neat, clean and fluid. Fine work. Cannot wait to see more. (Fingers crossed for the AT-TE, assuming that hasn't been done)
a cute addition to you're star wars stuff. I wont be too kind on this one though.

things I like: good attack animations, floating barrel cannon is great, moving top turret for stand is great. it looks fluid and nice. the morph idea is cool too, and spell slam alternate is neat because its a kind of ''rapid fire'' ability I imagine, shoots 3 fast shots and then a cool down. the mesh is good, the texture is good too.

biggest thing I don't like: in every.... single..... animation..... the feet float around...

I noticed this on Olofmoleman's models as well, particularly the Allosaurus. my solution to that was to force the feet bones to move back to their primary location in every frame they where forced to move. it was long and tedious, but it fixed the issue of floating feet by 85-90% . Im particularly anal about floating feet because on bigger units its super noticeable and ugly. also it causes vertex clipping with the ground in extreme cases, which while may only be aesthetic, it seriously bugs the shit out of me.

so other then floating feet this things great 8/10
@Kellym0: Yeah, i know - the reason for this is that working with TCB rotations is hell. Also, when you are working with this many limbs, it is almost inevitable unless you have the option of working with Inverse Kinematics (which i don't have the tools for). The thing that bothers me the most is the piece of debris in one of the death animations, which does some kind of twisting thing after it has landed. This is despite the keyframes between those two points being equal! In the walk animation, i already added a TON of extra frames to make the feet stable, but if i add too many, the motion will become jagged instead. Still, no one is perfect, and even blizzards models have a few floating feet.

@InfernalTater: Yeah... no. The tinker texture is already used in practically every sci-fi model on this site, and to be honest, i hate it. It is blurry and grainy, and it has a kind of dull, nondescript color which goes with nothing. I also enjoy making the textures, and i like being able to say that i made the model 100%. Still, i am glad you liked it, thanks for your comment and rating! Like with Kellym0, your rating does have a bit of extra weight to it, so i guess you were right about that.
Next are some star wars-inspired buildings. I think one of the big reasons there aren't so many good sci-fi maps for wc3 is that there is a lack of good suitable buildings, so i figured i'd contribute. After that i am working on an LA-AT, Consular cruiser, and lastly an AT-TE.

Custom buildings are much needed and very few provide them! I think you'll make some fantastic star wars building models to fit with this!
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May 24, 2014
Great model. It has a lot of potential and I like the way you added a Alternate attack for those who didn't want to use a morph ability. Hope it gets an Icon.

How does one use the morph ability? With the Robo-Goblin ability it starts in "Stand alternate", then it morphs fine into the the "Stand" animation and morphing it again plays the "Morph" animation, but it reverts back to the "Stand" animation.