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Aliens - Colonial Marines v1.12

Submitted by X-OOM
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Aliens - Colonial Marines


*Aliens - Colonial Marines is an Team Survival Map. You must survive as one of 11 Marines against Hordes of Aliens.
*Marines are splittet into 8 different Classes each with different spells and specialization further details here:

Class 1 "Infantry":

Infantry is the standard Marine in the Marine corps. Spells:
-Frag Grenade - Throw a Frag Grenade at the target Location damaging everything.
- Acid Grenade - Throw a Acid Grenade which decreseas the enemy Armor and Damage everything in the Area
- Evade - Chance to Evade an Attack
- Combat Knife - Throw a Combat Knife wich causes bleeding damage over time

Class 2 "Medic":

In a good Team a medic is essential. His allys need one for Healing and Support. Spells:
-Heal - Medics Standard Spell which launches a Wave of Healing jumping to multiple Allys healing them all
- Counterxenology - This is very important to heal side effects like acid blood, nausea or even Chestburster effect by FaceHuggers on an Ally.
- Recharge Pack - To keep an instant mana flow he needs further increased mana regeneration, for this he has an recharge pack.
-Medi-Comp - If the Medic is low on health he can use this on himself to instantly heal a large amount of healt, but this spell needs 3 seconds to cast.

Class 3 "Smartgunner":

The Smartgunner is the team Supporter with great Fire Power and Speed. His most Spells are passive spells incresing his power. Spells:
-Target Practice - Learn to Shoot with improved accuracy dealing more damage. This also effects allys around him (like an aura).
-Dirty Smartgun - The Smartgunner shoots poisoned Uranium Bullets causing Poison Damage and decreased Attackspeed over time.
-Speed-Burst - The Smartgunner gains a quick Speed-Burst causing him to attack with imrpoved Attackspeed and to run faster.
-Shoulder Cannon - Adds a Shoulder Cannon on the SmartGunner which automatically targets any enemy nearby , even enemys behind the Smartgunner, to attack them

Class 4 "Flamethrower":

The Flamethrower is a Team Supporter with great Fire Spells and good Health. Spells:
- Fire Burst - Launches a Fire-Burst which damages and Stunns the target.
- Napalm Grenade - Throws a Napalm Grenade which causing burning damage on impact
- Cobalt Thermogel - The Flamethrower upgrades his fuel to cobalt thermogel causing burning damage over time on the target.
- Fire Shield - The Flamethrower creates a Fire Shield around himself causing every enemy to become on fire, dealing damage.

Class 5 "SADAR Trooper":

He acts more like a Tank with improved Health and great AOE Rocket Spells. Spells:
- Burst Rocket - Shoots a Rocket that instantly debands itself creating a beam that flys to target location, damaging everything in its line.
- Warrhead Barrage - Launches multiple Rockets that Explode on Impact dealing Damage to target Location.
-Land-Mine- Places a Land Mine that is invisible, if an enemys comes near it it explodes dealing AOE Damage.
-Encouraging Howl - Increases the Mana/Health Regeneration and the Damage of all Allys for a few seconds.

Class 6 "Sniper":

Snipers act from the Distance with great Range and ranged Spells. Spells:
-Headshot - The Snipers gains a chance to creating an Headshot dealing twice the damage.
-The Sledgehammer - A powerfull Beam Shot that damages and Stunns the target.
-Net - Throws a Net at the target, ensnares it for a few seconds.
-Cloak - The Sniper cloakes himself making him invisible and increases movementspeed, if he attacks he creates assassination damage.

Class 7 "Synthetic":

Synthetics are Robotic Units which have increases Speed and can be repaired by CommTechs. Synthetics also can't be FaceHugged. Spells:
-Construct Sentry Gun - Construct a Sentry Gun which automatically attacking all targets in range, good for defending a position.
-Sneaky Armor - Increases the Synthetics Armor making him more protected against attacks.
-Motion Tracker - He uses a Motion Tracker to spot enemy movement, marked on the Minimap as blue dots.
- Self-Repairing - If he falls unconscious he will be repaired after a few seconds and can attack with new strenght.

Class 8 "CommTech":

These are the Group Supporters with spells that increases the Group by new units. Spells:
-Repair - The CommTech can repair Sentry-Guns, Exosuits and Synthetics with that.
- AURORA Control - Shoots blasts of Energy from the Orbit cruiser on multiple targets in range.
- Call ExoSuit - Calls an Exosuit via DropPod. ExoSuits are fast attacking killing Machines.
- Call Orbit-Backup - Teleports down either Infantrys or Medics as support Units from the Orbital Ship.

*All Marines have also the same spell called "Combat Experience": This Spell increases all Stats (Strenght,Intelligence and Aggility) with each Lvl.


Aliens also have different Classes of Units with different Spells , here are the details:


Are very weak and slow but Can "FaceHugg" instantly every living not mechanical target placing a Chesburster insinde them, causing the target to loose huge amounts of Health per second. If not healed the Unit will loose Health until it dies and then a Chestburste spawn at its location.

Praetorian FaceHuggers:

Same as FaceHuggers only stronger and faster.


The standard Alien, middle fast and small damage, only dangerous in large numbers. Can Spit "Cystic Acid Spittle" at the targets causing them too loose Health over time and decreases Movement and Attackspeed.


Are the fastest of all the Aliens, they don't have that much damage but very fast Attack and Movementspeed. The can cause "Nausea" on the target decresing its Armor and adding spores into it so the Aliens can see this target on the whole map.


These are Bigger Drones with greater Damage but slower speed. These ones are dangerous indeed because they can take much more damage. They don't have any spells.


Big Aliens Creatures that carrie 5 FaceHuggers with them can they can launch them near the Marines Position, so they can FaceHugg everyone. Carriers also Explodes on Dead spreading Blood everywhere. The have big Damage but slow Attackspeed and are not the fastest.


Are dangerous Creatures that can deal a critical Hit on the Marines dealing twice the Damage. They also have bigger Armor and great Health. If they ever stand still they can heal themsleves.


Are the smaller Queens with huge Damage and Speed. The also have great Healthpoints and can cast "Nausea" just like Runners. The are Dangerous in Numbers.


Are very tough big Aliens with slower speed but very big Damage. The can cast "Regensis" if they aere low on health they will heal themselves very fast. They also have poisoned Attacks that deals additional Damage and slows the target. These are very dangerous.


The biggest of all the Queens are the Mothers of the Hive. They have very huge Health and Damage. They also have great speed and projects an aura that causes all Aliens near them to gain more Attack and Movementspeed. They can cast "Nausea" just like Praetorians. These ones are very tough and dangerous.

Also all Aliens are able to spread Acid Blood if the die, causing every Unit in range to loose Health over time.


The third big Part are Equipment Items there are multiple of them , here some details:

Dropable Items:

-Instantly Health or Mana-Packs, these heals amounts of Mana/Health on your Hero instantly. These Items are dropped from every Enemy unit with a small chance.

Spawnable Items:

-Armors- There are some different Armors that increases the overall Armor of the Hero
-Stat Armors- Increases the overall Stats of your Hero.
-MedPaks/Batterys and Rechargers- If used they heal your Mana and Health of your Hero or heal them over a specific time.
-Health/Mana Expansions- These increases your overall Mana or Health, the effect is permanently
-Strenght/Intelligence/Aggility/Health upgrades - These increses your Stats or adding Health to your overall, these effect is also permanently
-Poison,Fire,Demolition,Oxygen.... Bullets - These Bullets adding Damage to your Hero, some of them also add Poison, Ice, Fire or Critical Damage.
-Speed Boots- Increases your overall MovementSpeed
-Invulberability/Invisibility - adding the effect of the name
-Recharge Packs- Increases your Mana regeneration
-Flares,LandMines,Health Stations, Sentry Drones- These ones are placable and bring the effect like the name of them.

Other Stuff:

*You and your Team must survive lots of Waves with ever growing amounts of enemys. They get stronger and more with each Wave. This map can be played by a maximum of 11 Players, i would not play this alone because its overhwelming. If you play alone or there are still slots open you can set the slots to Computer. This only works if you are Player 1 Red. If you are the Computers will select a random Hero and try to stay always in range of your Hero, they will cast most of their spells and support you. But also the Difficulty will be increases with each Player even with Computers the Difficutly will be increased.

*There a some Custom Alien Models in the Map (thanks to the creators of them i don't know the names because i took the models form other maps). Also there are multiple custom sounds extracted and optimized from the game "Aliens vs Predator 2" to get an better atmosphere. The map is also very dark and foggy. Its splitted into 2 Regions. Region 1 is the outland with Water,Trees and infected Ground. Region 2 is the inside Base with Rooms, Water Pipes and an Water Depot. You must look for yourself which is the best place to defend yourself.

*If you play this map with all players, there will be very many action and things going on on the screen. If you find laags, bugs or balance issues post them her please and explain them or say what to balance.









This is a Video of my try to survive in this Map with 10 Bot Player. We mde it until Wave 13 which is realy good for Computer Players. So you can made yourself a Picture of the Map here.

-------------Changelog v1.11---------------:

-Fixed War Frenzy Mask effect not working bug
-Fixed Acid Slugs effect and Damage to work correctly
-Fixed Demolition Slugs
-Removed Explosive Slugs becuase they had the same effect like fire slugs

-Fixed Carrier spell
- Alien spells fixed that they work on normal Units like Medics and Infantrys (from CommTech) too.

-Some Spells balanced
-Replaced SmartGunner Mana Draw Spell with "Shoulder Cannon" . Scoulder Cannon will target automattically nearby enemys attacking them even if they are behind the SmartGunner.
-Fixed Sentry-Gun description (you can still construct unlimited)
-ExoSuits Health and Damage decreased
-If Hero dies now all Units owned by this player will be killed
-Sniper "Headshot" spell fixxed
-Synthetic Self Repairing spell now works after 1 Second
- Fixed bug that CommTech automatically use his spells (this was only for bots)

-Fixed bug that appear randomly causing the game to stop altough all enemys are dead, this happened if some alien got invisible and couldn't be seen ba players but its sounds still appeared.
-Some minor things balanced/changed.

-------------Changelog v1.12---------------:
Fixed bug that caused the Game not to go fruther then Wave 7 or other Waves
Fixed Acid Blood
Fixed Carrier Spells
Time after Wave now is when no Enemies are left instead of no Corpses are left
Increased Corpses stay time to 200 seconds
Fixed Enemies left counter in Mltiboard
Fixed defeat Condition
Acid Blood now berlongs to neutral Hostile instead of Player 12
Neutral Hostile and Player 12 are allys
Fixed Medic Computer counterxenology Spell
Addead Loadingscreen + Minimap Image

Alien, Aliens, AvP, Space, Xenomorph, Marines, Colonial Marines

Aliens - Colonial Marines v1.12 (Map)

15:00, 13th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
  1. Cweener


    Oct 10, 2009
    Terrain could use more tile variation in areas, but very nice, and unoriginal map.
  2. AuroN2


    Jan 3, 2011
    Omg i loved the original Aliens trilogy, playing this now :3
    Oh and +rep for the sounds.
  3. Black-kitty


    Jul 29, 2010
  4. kezzasauce


    Jul 17, 2011
    i got this map awhile ago its pretty good
  5. rowdyrod1


    Nov 15, 2010
    AWSOME MAP but there is an issue with extreme lagg after like wave 5 because theres so many dead alien bodies laying around.Can you fix that please by reducing the bodies from appearing to reduce the lagg