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Aletharion's lair

Aletharion's Lair
Created by Nortander/Cleclejossstone

Map Info

This is an altered melee-style, Reforged friendly map for 6 players.


  • 22 gold mines
  • 6 green camps
  • 2 brown camps
  • 16 to 22 red camps
  • 2 gobelin hutts
  • 2 mercenary camps
  • A central dragon camp for recruitment
  • 6 starting locations
  • Minions do not give "+1 tomes" but "+2" (always)
  • Extra hero options for each playable race

This map is intended to give a bit of a challenge to seasoned players in quite a few ways, with :
  • An unusual starting placement of the players
  • An equally unusual position of the main outpost compared to its goldmine
  • Minions that give better (sometimes legendary!) items
  • Closer goldmines and general creeps harder to defeat than in traditionnal melee
  • The extra hero options for each playable race
  • All players being kinda close from each other

Some other stuff about Aletharion's Lair

"The black dragon Aletharion's legendary treasure has drawn many expeditions to this frozen land. Beware the numerous outlaws, wildlings and dark mages that fight over the place!"

Change Log

First release on March 21st, 2020.

  • Fixed an issue where the Highborn's arcanic shield did not appear
  • Added description to the missing slots of the Murloc Oracle's abilities
  • Added some more tile paint, mountains and doodads to embellish the borders
  • Slightly modified some tree placements
  • Added a from-the-above map view to the preview panel

  • Added four new custom heroes to harmonize with my other maps. Please welcome the Val'Kyr Warleader (first flying hero!), the Earthbinder, the Great Inquisitor and the Hand of Loas, each of them with their own playstyle, strenghts and weaknesses!
  • Rebalanced all custom heroes, sometimes with rather major changes.
  • Fixed some displays issues so that it makes more sense.
  • Added hero glow to the few lacking custom heroes.

Custom hero focus: The Orcish Demonist​

  • The [Inferno] ability
  • The [Hell Rains] ability

  • [Connexion]: As in WoW and HoTS, the Demonist can now sacrifice some life to regain mana. Requires level 4.
  • [Void Summoning] The Demonic variant of Water Elemental. Level 2 and 3 void walkers have [Dissipate magic].
  • [Eredari Pact] Summons a powerful Eredar to serve, with unlimited lifespan. Requires level 6. Has [Spell Resistance], [Reaction], [Fireball] and [Last Contract]. When used, [Last Contract] quickly drains all Eredars of their health to restaure the Demonist's life. Also drains some mana during the process to the Demonist.
These modifications to the Demonist aim to make him a bit more fun and different from existing heroes... and obviously more balanced, too. These new spells, like [Void Summoning] and [Connexion] also make him more like what we are used to with Demonists in the Warcraft universe.

Bug fix regarding heroes​

  • Players should no longer be able to recruit more than 3 heroes, no matter who they choose.
  • Players should no longer be able to recruit more than one instance of the same heroes (custom heroes used to cause some issues...)
  • Added a few missing tooltips

Author's notes

I hope you'll have fun playing this map. This is my second contribution to the Hive, yeah!
Please be nice and argumentative in the comment section, as I do my best to respond to everyone.
(Also, have in mind I'm not a native English speaker, therefore it can be tough to understand you guys, sometimes!) I am looking forward to hearing your thoughs about this entry!

See you!

Warcraft, Melee, altered melee, dragon, witch, witcher, sorcerer, outlaw, spellcaster, frozen land, snow, mountain

Aletharion's lair (Map)

Shar Dundred
Map appears to be functional & doesn't break any rules. Approved.