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This model I made for an awesome guy for his campaign just because he's awesome. It didn't really turned as I wished to be and I have no use for it although I always wanted to have an epic airship. Hopefully he will made a good use of it and finish the campaign. And also for Elenai is now hive steampunk month or whatever, so is obvious whom I want the model be approved of.

I know that baloon is pretty crappy, but I couldn't find a better texture for it that has team color. And it has not many animation, if I'll feel I'll update and maybe even submit it afterwards.

EDIT: screenshot updated

talas, airship, balloon, transport, zeppelin,

Airship (Model)

14:43, 4th Sep 2008 Elenai: Approved: The model is well made, and the wrap is fine.




14:43, 4th Sep 2008
Elenai: Approved: The model is well made, and the wrap is fine.
Well it looks fairly good except for the balloon texture. Perhaps you could make your own texture/modified texture for the balloon with team color to make it look nicer. Pretty good for the most part though. This is an air ship as in from Final Fantasy right?

No I can't make a texture, because I'm not good at making textures and the model was meant to have ingame textures to save space. And no, is not for final fantasy. It was little inspired from talas airship from mtg, but it's not its copy.



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Jan 9, 2004
I don´t like my name up there in the keywords but awesome x3 kinda evens it out so i forgive you, now then the other texture i suggested was kinda plain but it would fix the messy uwv but it wouldn´t make it so characteristic, otherwise great model better than all of the crap i tryed to make. I do remember telling you not to help me with this or rather did say i was going to do it but i am glad you did it cause i suck at scratch modeling and i don´t really like asking others for help. It will come in handy though i might not be able to finish my campaign.
Yay, finally approved!

Hey thanks for replying. :cute: And whether or not its was not inspired by Final Fantasy I don't care. :razz:Either way I really like it. Maybe you should go look at some tutorials for making textures thats what I did for my model. This one is probably good for starting. But this one is probably the one that helped me the most.

I tried the whitehorn one, but it didn't really help me, it uses smudge, dodge and burn, tools which are "banned" today. Archian's ones haven't tried yet, because I discovered it only recently, some links looks good, but I was more into ingame texture models and I'm not sure I will be able to produce anything even following those tutorials :/
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Feb 10, 2007
enjoy you're win
enjoy you're record
I know this is grammatically incorrect but what ever
I find this model neat, although I KINDA dislike the balloon, but that's just my opinion, I couldn't do something like that
I give it a 4/5