Night Elven Airship

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The Night Elven Airship is a ancient knowledge from the night elven elementalist druids. Controlling the wind powers, inside their shack in the ship, they can keep this enormous ship floating, which can carry many passengers, being a perfect transport to both animals and elves.

]This is my first model for warcraft III...
It may look good someway, but it is very high-poly with no need, and it has some mistakes that I realized too late.
Hope you like it.
You can do whatever you want with it to your personal use.
Give me credit if you want, I'd like to have it.

UPDATED: Now it has wind particles below and 8 attachment points to add units into it. Also, many UVW unwrap fixes were made and a few mesh corrections.

Attachment Names:

  • Origin
  • Overhead
  • Chest
  • Weapon
  • Head
  • Foot
  • Hand Right
  • Hand Left

Do not distribute this model anywhere without my explicit permission.

airship, ship, boat, night, elven, elf

Night Elven Airship (Model)

12:50, 10th Apr 2009 Pyritie: Actually... that's a brilliant idea. Unwrap could use a little fixing though. BlinkBoy:The issue has been fixed, approved.