Adventures in Typescript


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Jan 1, 2006


Have you ever wanted to watch someone learning TypeScript while drinking beer?
Join us to see @Ash and @Ralle make your dream a reality.

Bottom Line Up Front
Purpose: Join us to learn how you can implement TypeScript into your Warcraft 3 projects.
Date: 04 Mar 2021; 2000 CET (UTC+1)
Location: Twitch

Adventures in Typescript is a project that sees @Ralle attempt to teach a total newbie (Ash) TypeScript. "Why on earth would you want to learn TypeScript, Ash?" I'm glad you asked, Ash. The reason is simple: TypeScript is the future of Javascript and I will never turn down the chance to further my programming. Coupled with the development of LUMBERJACK, the world's first and best PVP competitive wood chuck simulator, and it's a no brainer.

Hopefully from this you can join in, have fun, and learn something too. There is not much out there at the moment on how to use TypeScript in Warcraft 3; let's put an effort in to change that.

Join us tonight at 2000CET (UTC+1) on Twitch for the live recording of the first of many* Adventures in TypeScript.

* No promises.
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Archie, you might wanna removed the last line credit tho :eek:, banner is from Ash's original post. Still, that have been quite of fun to see 2 men drunk teacher and student together. :cgrin: