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Additional Cityscape Arches, Columns, Structures

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

Update 03/07/23:
- FIX: intersecting arch's colons' tops and bottoms fixed uv mapping
- Colonnade renamed to Tetrapylon
- Tetrapylon renamed to intersecting arch
- added a new variation: Colonnade Piece
update 06/07/23:
- added a new variation: Semicircle Arch and intersecting semicircle arch
update 07/07/23:
- added ring and semiring
- added tudor arch and crossed arch

update 09/07/23:
- 6 more shapes

update 11/07/23:
- Flat arch tunnel and piece

update 12/07/23:
- square ring
- square column
- ring pavillion
- cube pavillion

coming soon...:
- Vault?
- Square base, round base, temple base, colonnade base

see the preview images

keywords: arch, column, architecture, city, town, village, ruins

Arch - Semicircle (Model)

Cityscape Railing (Model)

Colonnade Piece (Model)

Cube Pavillion (Model)

Flat Arch (Model)

Flat Arch Tunnel (Model)

Flat Arch Tunnel Piece (Model)

Intersecting Arch (Model)

Intersecting Semicircle Arches (Model)

Ring (Model)

Ring Pavillion (Model)

Ring Temple (Model)

Round Arch (Model)

Round Arches Crossed (Model)

Round Arches Tunnel (Model)

Round Arches Tunnel Piece (Model)

Round Temple (Model)

Semiring (Model)

Square Column (Model)

Square Ring (Model)

Tetrapylon (Model)

Tetrapylon Square (Model)

General Frank
Might be useful for some people, but fidelity overall is just not up to par.
These are just merges of in-game models and very very cheap ones.
trying to achieve the same look with numpad keys moving results in misalignment and bad overlapping, that's why i created those!!!
Just looks neater, it adds variety
Editing all this is not a cheap work really

it's not for restricted, it's not breaking any rules
Last edited:
No. This will stay in restricted. You did the least amount of minimal work.
You just merged two things. This is just lazy.
Please stop arguing with me all the time. I am getting very upset over you and will contact the admins NOW.
Not only merging. If one was to create those shapes in-game with numpad keys moving they would have more columns, i removed half the columns from aach shape to look better and cleaner.

also as i said it would create overlapping of faces and cannot be aligned perfectly ingame if one tried to, especially the circle one.

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