-|Abyss of Darkness|- AoS Style Map.

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Jul 21, 2007
-|Abyss of Darkness|- AoS (Beta 1.9b)

Abyss of Darkness
Beta 1.9b


Welcome to my newest map, Abyss of Darkness!. Map is playable and it has the basic goals set.

Im short on features right now, since this map still in early stages. But for now, I got the following (Those in bold and underlined are already applied to the game):

-Meditation: Heroes will meditate if they hold position for 6 seconds. Meditation grants additional HP and Mana regeneration. Meditation wears off if the hero moves from his position. Meditating heroes cannot attack or issue any orders apart from moving.

-Pets: There are pet shops on the West and East side of the maps. You can hire them to help you fight the enemy. Each pet has a specialized role, either giving you auras, or a couple of abilities. Take care of your pets, or the enemy might kill them! Pets are a good way to balance the game, since they can counter certain hero abilities.

-Stamina: Heroes, apart from Mana, they also have stamina. Most of the skills in the game cost both Mana and Stamina. The Stamina bar will be located above the hero. Stamina usually regenerates fast, and faster if the hero is not moving. Strength heroes tend to have more stamina, and Intelligence heroes have less, but remember they also have more Mana than STR heroes. Heroes with low or none stamina tend to move slower.

-Mini Quests: These are side-quests than can be completed for additional gold and experience, even weapons! There will be a quest giver in your base that will be in charge of giving quests.

-Super Boss: Once in a while, a big Boss will spawn right in the center of the map. During this time, all creep spawns will be put on halt, and both teams will attempt to kill the boss on their own. This will obviously lead to a battle to decide who is going to kill the Boss afterwards.

-Hero Switching (Subject to change): Once the game reaches a certain point (arround 40 minutes of gameplay), you are allowed to switch your hero with another one in the game that you didnt picked (including the ones your allies have). When this happens, all of the heroes will return to the hero selection area and players will have to choose their heroes again. When players choose their heroes, they will start with the same level and items of the previous heroes.

And more comming soon.

Alliance Heroes

Underworld Heroes

Im going to add more heroes and a story soon. But for now, all I want is test.

Enjoy! And comment please! For an unprotected version, please let me know, or PM me.

*Recoded some abilities for faster performance.
*Fixed an issue that dropped all the players from the map if certain spells were spammed.
*Fixed some issues regarding upgrading boots of speed.
*Increased the attack rate of most agility heroes.


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Dec 18, 2007
Meditation is kinda screwed... It sometimes cancels my hero's channeling spells which is never a good thing.
The heroes are good and I like their spells. The tooltips are rather good as well. However, more synergy could be present in the hero's spells, there are currently little ways to combo the spells to kill a powerful here I believe.

Sand Crawler (or whatever the scorpion guy's name is) is imba. He has a skill that spawns strong units that can help you kill a whole creep wave in less than 5 seconds. His avalanche also destroys buildings extremely quickly, two casts and a tower is down (assuming that it is at least level 3 or so).

This map has potential, do continue. +rep for the effort in this map :D

EDIT: Piercing Edge affects building 0_0. That's really powerful!
EDIT2: Multiboard doesn't work properly :(
Also found another bug with Piercing Edge. I think it somehow gave me like 300 dmg and a chance to bash :S
Download replay and view, the bug started after I first died (XD)
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Jul 21, 2007
Hey! Thanks for testing the map! I was about to release a more stable version of the map with balances and bug fixes. Might as well fix the piercing edge issue.

Thanks for testing!

EDIT: Your bug was that you kept trying to buy recipies from the shop (which you are not supposed to anyway, theres a trigger to prevent that). Theres a bug that you cannot see the item on your hero after you buy but you still gain the bonuses from it, and you just kept stacking them. I already fixed that bug couple of days ago.
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Aug 27, 2007
I like the map but i found a kinda bug:

When you use Ice Strik (Ice Dragon) in west side forest area on a target you get spammed with the message in what area you are....

Ill keep posting if i find things
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