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Ability Remove

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Level 12
Nov 20, 2007
Hello guys. I want to remove an ability from a hero and to add a disabled one.
EX :
Hero has Wind Walk (based on Wind Walk)
I want to remove Wind Walk and add Disabled Wind Walk (based on a dummy ability)

There is no problem in using "Remove unit ability" but using it doesn't remove Wind Walk from learning so removing Wind Walk and adding Disabled Wind Walk will bug when hero learns Wind Walk again. After learning, the hero will have both abilities (Wind Walk and Disabled Wind Walk).

How can i fix this ?
Level 7
Apr 30, 2011
Thanks, +rep (it's not what i've been looking --> Enable/Disable ability but it's ok i think)

enable/disable vs remove/add

in enable/disable:
1. disabled ability cooldown is stored, so after you enable it, if it's originally still in cooldown, it remains in cooldown . .
2. in hero abilities, there's no unlearning when you re-enable it

1. removed ability cooldown is always 0, so you can abuse this to refresh only one ability . . .
2. removed ability is forever gone, and it doesn't store anything like disabled ability . .
3. in hero abilities, you must re-learn the skills . .
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