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A Lord of the Rings Portrait

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Sep 1, 2014
This is the Knight of Dol Amroth model from the LOTR Risk StrongHold map created by qpPyKT; my conversations with him lead me to believe it's his model.

I do not own this model, but he's given me permission to make changes. I'm hoping that I'll be able to find someone who can help me to fix its portrait and give me an idea of how to change the portrait's pathing.

The current path for this model's portrait conflicts with that of another Knight portrait (wojia10502's Knight with Flail) and I'm hoping to find a way to change this portrait's path so that this Knight of Dol Amroth will have an independent (and working) portrait.

Even in the original LOTR Risk StrongHold map, this model's portrait is inoperative; the camera bounces around based on the last unit/building selected.


Uh... is there any way to upload the portrait without uploading it as part of a model? Hive doesn't seem to accept in-progress models (although in this case, it's just the portrait that's "in-progress") and I'm kinda' new here.

Knight_Portrait.MDX (this part seems to be incomplete; rather than remaining a stable portrait, it changes depending on the last unit/building selected)

The best I can do for now, if anyone IS interested (and yes, you will definitely be credited and greatly appreciated for your work) is link you to the original LOTR Risk StrongHold map (it contains the Dol Amroth's "Knight.Portrait.MDX" file and is UNPROTECTED, so it'll be easy as pie to export).


My apologies for not knowing how to more directly transmit the file in question.

Update: I've been examining the portrait in Magos. It seems that there is one, but it's incomplete and doesn't match the actual model.

Thus, I'm modifying my request; I'm looking for anyone who knows how to make a portrait basically from scratch. This is a pretty awesome model and it deserves someone who knows what they're doing (otherwise I'd do it myself...)

Update: I've managed to create a camera for the model, but a portrait's well beyond me - it's a great deal more complex.

Update: If this model does end up with a proper portrait to accompany it, I plan to make it available on Hive Workshop. In this eventuality, qpPyKT and whoever creates a portrait for it will be credited as the model's makers. This will allow other LOTR Map Makers to make use of it as well; for Swan Knights, Knights of Gondor or as a hero unit without a glow (perhaps a demi-hero?) All they'll have to do is credit qpPyKT and the portrait maker.
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