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(8)Abyssal Of Greed

Submitted by Zucth
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
(8)Abyssal Of Greed V1.03
Player Suggest: 4v4
Idea: Present a new way to use gateway.
Tile set: Outland mixed. Orange theme.
Map Creator: Zucth

Map Preview

Map Description:
The former capital overflowing with gold has collapsed over time. Covered by the abyss, the old capital is full of dangers and curses. Guarded by the souls of the dead.

Neutral Building:
23 Expansion Goldmines (Main-14500, Couple Expansion-16500, side expansion-15500, mid expansion-22500)
4 Tavern
4 Goblin Merchant
2 Mercenary camp -Outland
4 Goblin Lab
2 Marketplace
2 Gateway [not connected]

Creep Camp:
24 Green
26 Orange
2 Red +8 starting base

-mid unguard goldmines, are you greed of it?
-portal near base [not connected]
-Outland merc, fast invade/cooldown merc.
-much much gold in goldmines
-not so many red, but many flying units camp, required co-op teammate.
-creep isn't hard else its market camp and starting base. fast creeping map, fast expo.
-permanent/charge 4 is the maximum in the map.
-spawn as couple.
-up vs down.

++There's a WIP down in the photo down there in case you wanna asked of it.

1.0 change most of neutral position
1.01 update DS ally priority to top vs bot.
1.02 -
1.03 change cliff + add starting base guard. drop p4

Creator Note:
-There are two version of the map, the first one was the original with 180x180, and the DS[decrease size version] which is 168x168. Smaller than you can choose the version you want creep and neutral building are the same.
-In case of you got confused from the minimap. The trees line is where the pure orange are, the route will be the different color. and cliff is a bit hard to see in this map.

Special Thank: Kaer
for helping me about the DS version which is fit more for 4v4.

(8)Abyssal Of Greed (Map)

(8)Abyssal Of Greed DS (Map)

  1. HKB


    Jun 17, 2012
    It's a good map, but I think there are several problems. One is that the player's starting point is lack of guards. If there are less than eight players, these gold mines will become unguarded gold mines. Another problem is that some surface textures are wrong, such as the surface texture of cliffs. You may use a different surface texture than the environment selected in the map. (I use the translator to translate English, maybe not well written)
  2. Zucth


    Jan 4, 2020
    I did fixed the cliff, and about the starting base I did design for 4v4 so I didn't think of adding the guard but since you say so I did added it. ty.