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[Role Playing Game] (4)Warrogue

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Creator: OKN / otheknownoise
Players: 1-4
Type: Role Playing Game / Mini Game / Other
Game version: 1.24-1.28 (Or Reforged)

This is a roguelike mini-game map. Players will make a team and go deep underground and defeat the final Lord.
Cost about 45 minutes to beat default mode. If you feel difficult, bring more potions.

Map features
  • Random Adventure: Game contains 5 levels and different scenes. Players can choose next scene except lord fight.
  • Special Affixes: Affixes like Attribute Bonus, Speedup and Resistance.
  • Random Events: Different npcs will appear in the underground.
  • Other Difficulties: Monster is not the only threat. Pressure, bad luck and lack of food may also cause failure.
  • Unique Scenery: Random terrain and doodads of underground with original warcraftIII style.




Arcane Missile by Weep
Bag_2 by !!GORO!!
Carter by -Saggitarius-
DivineBarrier JesusHipster
Fear Effect by stan0033
GoldCoins by Tr!KzZ
Inquisitor by Ket
Lava Pit by Hayate
Multi-Shape Mushroom Item by Jhonny Janbo
OrbOfCorruption by UgoUgo
Red Fireworks by WILL THE ALMIGHTY
SpinningKnife by Amigurumi
Wall by Shadow_killer
WellBoilingWater by Ergius
WoodSmall by Ergius
FleshWarlock by Afronight_76
Heretic by Pins
La-Vendetta by -Grendel
AcidStinger by PeeKay
BreathOfFireNew by ChevronSeven
CrystalysBow by The Panda
Mirrorshield by Jaret
OrcCoin by Ceterai
PandaPower by NFWar
from WarcraftIII, DiabloII, CS:GO
Monastery, Orbaction
--From DiabloII
Your Lucky Star Shines
--From Spring Festival
·Special thanks to
Gabe Newell
Old Blizzard

If I forget to credit someone please tell me

More information can be found in the game.

I'm updating this map from time to time, since I first made it in 2017. Recently I'm working on translating it to english. So there're still untranslated texts and maybe grammar mistakes.
If you have suggestions or find any bug, please tell me. Thank you.


  • Warrogue_v1.10test_0906.w3x
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  • (4)Warrogue_v1.10EN.w3x
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