4 unfinished models (ms3d files)

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Sep 2, 2007
So I was going through some files on my old laptop to transfer some of them to my current laptop and while doing so, I came across my warcraft map. So I decided to upload some unfinished model files here so maybe someone would find them useful.

Consider it open source, you can take whatever part of those models you like and use it in your own models. You can finish them and upload them anywhere you like... There's no need to give me credits. Be warned, though. The files are ms3d files (milkshape) and they're not animated. Milkshape files, however can be imported by magos, I think...

The "pack" contains 2 simple tank models and 2 more complicated humanoid models. One of them is ready for animation. The mesh is completely done.
The 2 tanks aren't mapped whatsoever. And the other humanoid... Who knows?

I hope someone will find this useful. Maybe just to learn from it. Idk.
I'm also doing this because I have no intentions of finishing those models, at all. I stopped doing this a long time ago.



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