[4] Guardian River

Guardian River

Players: 2 or 4
Goldmines: 8
Version: 1.0
Playable area: 60 x 92
Suggested modes: 1 v 1, 2 v 2 or FFA
Tileset: Black Citadel

Description: Tons of guards, can you kill them to obtain victory over the battlefield? Get to the mines by using zeppelins, and conquer your enemies by the upper hand!

Notes from me: I really like this maps terrain my self, also its pretty balanced for a good and fair 2 v 2. Try it out and please comment. You can tell me anything bad because i dont take it as a bad thing, i take it as a compliment because you want to help me improve my map! So dont hesitate and test it right away!


Picture from version 1.0


[4] Guardian River (Map)

21:01, 28th Dec 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 7
Dec 10, 2010
I have check this Melee map. You should really try to use the tools Raise and Lower for making the terrain a little bit realistic, and add some cliffts it's too flat. About the doodads, i barrely saw doodads on the field. I will not vote untill you make this stuffs! Also i think this would be good for 2 players. ;)
Level 16
Jan 31, 2009
You should always have 'i' as 'I' and when you wrote
I reall like this maps terrain my self
Did you mean " I really like this maps terrain my self "
dont should have a ' like this don't
I prefer this
and conquer your enemies by the upper hand!
as this " and conquer your enemies to gain the upper hand advantage! "
Level 7
Aug 11, 2010
There really needs to be more decent melee maps on the hive, it's a dying genre sadly...

What I suggest to you is to use Dungeon trees on outland, looks alot better then the outland ones imho... Also it's hard to place my finger on it but something looks rather odd about the tile variation, and it seems that Red and Blue have slight advantages like being able to cut into the tree wall to the expansion quicker.

Other then that though I like it, 4/5.