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3D-printing a WarCraft III model

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Level 5
Dec 27, 2014
Good day!

Is anyone, please, able to tell me if it is possible to print units and objects from WarCraft III in 3D-printer and how is it able to do it?

I was told that a 3D-printer is not able to read a .mdx and .mdl file and when converting them into .obj and .stl files via respective programs the 3D-printer does not display any model.

I would be thankful if anyone is able to help in this matter.

Looking forward to your reply and respectfully yours

Level 10
Nov 9, 2020
It's possible, but not with out making the model manifold ("water tight"). ie you need to clean up the model in something like blender or mesh mixer.
When it comes to slicers Prusa Slicer seems to be more forgiving than most with bad models.

How familiar are you with 3d modeling, 3d printing and computers interpreting volumes..?
(<- Do you need an explanation on why this isn't 3d-printable?)
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