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2P Campaign: Orc 06

Orc Campaign: The Invasion of Kalimdor
Chapter 6: Where Wyverns Dare


"At that same moment, near the base of Stonetalon Peak..."

Version: 1.4
Extra Score: % of Tree Destroyed

Level Description: Thrall is trying to reach the Oracle at Stonetalon Peak but a human encampment outside the cave's entrance is preventing him. Reunited with Cairne, maybe Thrall can rescue the native Wyverns and use them to defeat the humans.

Version 1.0 - First release.
Version 1.1 - Friendly spell targeting bug fixed. Insane side-quest fixed.
Version 1.2 - Side-quest fixed. Removed buggy wyvern. Added colour to save/load code. Removed control of units at end of game. Moved Pendant of Mana on Insane Mode. Insane MountainKing has forked lightning instead of chain.
Version 1.3 - Renamed the Demolisher into Catapult
-Made Burning Oil unavailable
Version 1.4 - Increased the time between the blue human's attack waves in insane mode by ~1 minute.

11.02.2020 - Added a 1.26 compatible version to the bundle.
General Changes:
- Base adjusted for two players

Insane Mode:
- Upgraded enemy troops
- Improved AI/Heroes
- Upgraded Creeps
- The 'Windy' Canyon


If you wish to report a bug, reply with feedback, or find out more about the project, please visit the Hosted Forums.

2, player, campaign, orc, horde, kalimdor, thrall, cairne, human, stonetalon, peak, wyvern

2P Campaign: Orc 06 (Map)

2P Campaign: Orc 06 (Map)

13:13, 9th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved
Level 2
May 26, 2011
hey all you guys im going to be making a 2player campagin clan whiper to me on us east my name is dethoroc.when you first log onto battle net go to channel 2p.And Tell Your Friends to go to because when i have lots of people in channel 2p ill make the clan
Level 1
Sep 26, 2016
Any update on this
I apologise if it isn't very clear.
Code chapter 4 loads into chapter 5.
And code chapter 3b loads into chapter 6.
Any news on this code reverting to normal (not insane) when used? My Buddy and I who have completed all the levels of 2P campaign up to this point on insane can't stomach playing this level on anything but. Unfortunately starting the level on insane with default skill points and no items is next to impossible. Btw, we have greatly enjoyed all the work that's been put into this 2P campaign, easily the best coop experience in existance.
The difficulty is actually loaded from the code given in the 5th chapter (which contains the score). The code from chapter 3 (code 3b) does not keep the difficulty. It is kinda confusing and it is one of the things that will get changed soon-ish.

Would be nice to have it attached properly into one place if possible. Two codes kind of confuses everyone.
Level 1
Oct 21, 2019
I like the opportunity to play a warcraft campaign with your friend, but there is one thing. Is it even possible to pass this level on insane difficulty? We spent a LOT of time and attempts, believe me, tried a LOT of tactics, but nothing ended in success. Are there any heroes who went through this on insane difficulty and can share tactics?
Level 1
Feb 8, 2020

This is great mod, but on orc chapter 6th tehre is a bug Ive seen many have that you can't have any items. We beat chapter 5 copy code b from chapter 3 and add -score from chapter 5 and it is not working we tried many configurations and if some code let us join to game we dont have items there, that wouldnt be a problem if not that this mission is probably the hardest from all the game on insane and every item matters. So can someone tell me how to fix it or give a code that will give us items?

Thanks in advance