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2-player WC3 custom games?

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Level 4
Aug 17, 2008
I'm looking for some custom maps suitable for playing with 2 players and 0-6 computers.

Preferably I'd like some regular mode maps true to the type of RTS style in ladder play without being imbalanced. Secondly anything that you think would be suitable for playing with only 2 players that works on the current version of WC3.

Throw me some good suggestions please guys :grin:
I recon my map Corrupted Lords of Ashenvale will be suitable for 2 players.
My latest vertion will be released very soon so don't play the one uploaded at the moment as it's not breath taking at the moment and not balanced (my maps (not released one) done it actualy just needs some description done and by meaning that just quest dialog):grin: its gonna be epic.
Not open for further replies.