(12)Honey Agaricus

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(12)Honey Agaricus V1.0
Player Suggest: 6v6
Theme: Refined Land tile (improve verison)
Map Creator: Zucth


Map Description:
Sweet water turn the land color, even the lava could heal your soul.

Neutral Building:
22 Goldmines (Main-18500, Expansion-18000)
4 Tavern
6 Goblin Shop
12 Mercenary camp -outland
2 Dragon Roost -Nether dragon
2 Marketplace
1 Fountain Of Life

Creep Camp:
12 Green
40 Orange (-12 base)
3 Red

-Playable size: 172x172
-Bright Outland tile set (improve version of [4]Refined Land)
-Many of orange camp are summon units type, so it mean a hidden red camp...
-Top vs Bottom

1.0 Upload to Hive

Creator Note:
-I just realize that we lack good 12 players map, so I made one.

(12)Honey Agaricus (Map)