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1.17 patch

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Level 3
Apr 24, 2004
I was wondering if anyone else had trouble getting the patch. I was trying to dowlnoad it from the beta location but it didnt work, just said that the bnet server was invalid or something like that. If anyone els had troubles or know where to dl it post here.

BTW Doesnt the firelord look SWEET!
Level 12
May 27, 2004
load wc3
go to bnet
go to options
set up an "account" with the location -westfall-
log out of bnet
go back to bnet and when it says choose location
set it to westfall and press ok...
the patch should begin loading. 8)

(this is approximately right, I set it up a couple of
months ago. it works for me every time now.)

Level 4
Sep 11, 2004
yes - i wonder if anybody could tell me where u can download it without going on B.Net, now that would be useful
Level 5
Jun 9, 2004
I hope it won't be too soon, coz in this state it is really imballanced.
The Firelord surely looks sweet, but extremely overpowered. 20!!!! starting agility (for a caster hero....) and 1.8 cooldown (like blademaster) with that special attack is a bit much. Anyway i can't understand why it is an agility hero.
And the Lava Spawn. This is the most stupid and imballanced idea i've ever heard. I know they increased to 12 shots to spawn into a new lava thing, but this does not prevent players from creating a huge army of these on a nearby creep camp, and rush the enemy with them, giving them an amaizingly unfair advantage (not to mention that every lava spawn will further split up in combat)
I think this thing should be disabled on creeps. But then the damage of these lava spawns is also very high. It used to be 14-37 i think (geez i can't belive Blizzard has done this...), they reduced it to 11-27 (on lvl1) with 1.5 cooldown (as archers). Just to remember they're free summoned units, usually massing up because of the splitting with as high attack potential as a rifleman... well no wonder in all the games i played so far everyone chose the FL as his/her first hero (with some exception who chose the Alchemist because of curiosity - well i don't have to say they s*cked badly)

If they don't do anything about this i'm going to stop playing WC3 on Battle.net. At least these new heroes provide some new resources for map makers (like me) and for that i'm thankful.

srry for crying a river about it but i've had just enough of the lots of imballanced games where everyone uses only 1 unit to overpower everything (i mean C&C)
Level 7
Apr 30, 2004
i keep getting thisd error that say something about not finding 2 maps that i have these maps are (4)IceForge.wc3x and (6)Typoon.wc3x i dont know why because i have them in the right folder and that is the only reason the patch is not working for me can some one help (i dont want to uninstall and reinstall unless i can keep my maps that i make)
Level 1
Nov 7, 2004
can some help me

i got throzen throne version 1.07
i wanna get version 1.13 and 1.14 bug when i downloaded dem both-both of dem (when installing) i needed to press ok in windows cause the program couldnt find files etc and den about halfway in the intall it says det deres a critical error and the install shuts down. can some1 help me??????
Level 21
Feb 14, 2004
VGsatomi said:
I anticipate another patching coming soon. Bacuase since the 1.17, when a host leaves a costom game, it disconnects everyone. If this was intentional on Blizzard`s part, then why??

For me, it usually crashes my wc3 and ends up a " FATAL ERROR! " its always happened this way, Blizzard should supress the way how players leave then the host leaves before in game. For in the game, same thing VGastomi. I agree they should fix this, but Blizzard rarely adds serious bugs or problem fixing, usually balances, fixes and enhancements.
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