🛠 EXP System FAQ 🛠 - Updated Mar 20, 2021


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Jun 4, 2009
I propose:
  • campaigns to give +40 if a system to count the number of maps would be too hard to implement; wanted +100 but that would be more than DC
  • bundles to give +5 per added resources (each time a user adds one by updating)
  • packs not to give any experience since they are a gathering of already uploaded things
  • two stars should give 1 point since 2>1 star
Now, in the level unlock list, there's Maiev and the Warden icon which are basically the same thing. Also, Illidan is the demonic (The Frozen Throne) form so it doesn't really represent the night elves.

The problem with that is a bundle is typically meant to be the smallest piece of work possible that can go alone. When people submit completely different models as the same bundle they're using the system wrong. A bundle is for like a model, its icon and potentially alternative versions and portrait model.

Then mods and reviewers should stress this fact and things like: Revenant Covenant should be a pack instead.

Resource types need different weights. Someone who submits hundreds of icon resources will get orders of magnitude more experience than people who submit a few high quality models or even a single map or campaign despite having comparable hours of work put into them in total.

Similarly, Director's Cut awards should weigh differently for each type of resource.
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