1. KiriyaNozomi

    My world editor crash when i open the map

    Hi guys, I had a problem my world editor crashed when I open my map I was editing normally but after I saved it then I couldn't open it again for some reason I did try to open the other version of the map and it happened the same now I can't edit anymore and maybe have to start over again but...
  2. Dejavwho

    Can't open my maps

    This is Reforged. Everything was fine, I think maybe the update screwed everything. Now I can't open my custom maps in editor, once I do the editor crashes. Also there are tons of new errors that didn't exist before. I tried uninstall and deleted files and reinstalled twice now. Also can't even...
  3. DenWakeman

    [Role Playing Game] Order and Chaos Offline

    I've just had an idea of recreating Order and Chaos Online in Warcraft III. And I have a few questions about it. 1. Which version of map editor should I use? I have 1.26a, 1.27b, 1.29.2, 1.31.1 and may get the Reforged. I don't really consider using older versions because the newer ones have...
  4. Johnsen

    Uther's Excursion - First try at making a wallpaper in World Edit

    Been lurking on the forums for tips and tricks to get into making terrains, finding the Hive community felt like an early X-mas gift. :cute: Reading thru Fladdermasken's posts inspired me to create a wallpaper, so here it is: References: Enhancing the skies The Ultimate Terraining Map 4.0
  5. Tobirama

    Warcraft III World Editor Texture Problem

    hello guys Anyone know what's going on? Some custom models downloaded from hiveworkshop are fine and work, but most of them do something like this, maybe someone knows if I am doing something wrong or maybe these custom models are corrupted?
  6. r4ul12

    Issues with a custom map

    Hello everyone, since a while ago i've been developing a map on WC3. I've been doing some updates to it and testing it on singleplayer, but once I tried to host it on Battle.net i encountered several issues. 1. The game crashed after a certain time. For this a friend of mine helped me looking...