1. AtivEnergy

    Worker with auto attack

    Hi! How can i make an unit with classification "worker" and still make him able to auto attack when an enemy is near his view. I want that unit to be worker as classification only because i need the idle icon (F8). The problem is that, if the unit is worker, do not auto attack anymore.. Thanks...
  2. Retera

    [3D Art] How to Add Gold/Lumber Animations to Any MDX

    How to Add Gold/Lumber Animations to Any MDX In this tutorial, we will describe how to add Gold/Lumber animations to any MDX file. Throughout the tutorial, let us try to do two models at once so that we can compare and contrast how this process may differ for a model that is a humanoid and a...
  3. DutchKroket

    Builder displacement

    Hei! I currently need some help with a problem I have and I hope to find it here. The problem is that my workers keep teleporting over the trees. Worker: Is an human worker but has the undead race. Building: Is a human farm but has the night elf race. Is there an easy fix for this?
  4. HerlySQR

    Check if a unit build a building

    I have a units that when a tower is destroyed some of them has to replace that tower (There are a lot of towers) or build it for first time, but they can be interrumped (and in some cases locked), how can I confirm the tower was succesfully builded?
  5. Kenshin_IV

    [General] Worker count on gold mines.

    Hello, Let me start off with that I have almost 0 knowledge about map editor. I m wondering if it's possible and if someone is able to create or guide me through the process of creating a worker count on gold mines like on this screenshot! I would really appreciate all the help! Thank you...
  6. Goblin Worker

    Goblin Worker

    Custom model I made back then for my mod, A Tinker's Tale. While textured, it is left in a state of lacking animations.
  7. Kurnelia'zooz

    Can you build a 'tree?"

    In my custom map, I want to make a buidable structure, which allow worker to haverst lumber from it. Is there any way to make that? Because player will likely build a lot of it, I prefer a way to use less trigger. In addition, if I make all tree in the map invincible, will it prevent worker from...
  8. SNIper of DARKness

    [General] Call To Arms

    Howdy, I'm having a difficult time implementing a custom Call to Arms in my map. It's straight forward enough, I have 2 custom units (workers) that have the Call to Arms ability. Problem comes when they go back to being regular peasant/workers they can no longer Build buildings, they have...
  9. Mistablockout

    INSANE Worker Lumber Gathering Speed

    Hey there peons and peonettes, I'm looking for a way to make my workers gather at incredibly fast speeds. I don't want to be boring and just increase the amount they can carry or how much they get per hit. No, I want to see them gather wood as if they were carrying 6 Gloves of Haste under the...
  10. blackRaTTeN

    Random models?

    Hey everyone I'm a newbie map maker and i'm working on a really cool td-like map. I wanted to make my "castle" (more like a tavern) spit out workers, but every time the model of a worker is different. I want to have a limit of 4 workers too. Could you help me with both of those things? Thanks...
  11. TaKky

    Burning Legion Mechanical Harvester Model

    Hi, long-time member, first-time poster. It would be pretty groovy if anyone enjoyed the prospect of modelling a Goblin Shredder type unit for the Demon race. Something more akin to the Infernal Contraption than the Goblin's bipedal mech though. I don't think it should have a visible pilot...
  12. atab

    Spider Models

    Hi everyone ! I'd like to create a spider related race, but with my (very) bad skills in modelling, i came here :) So, I'd like: A spider "nest"; a building with 2 standing animation. One "empty", and the other with a "spiderQueen" on it the spiderQueen an be a resized original WC3 "creep...