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  1. Warcraft 3 Reforged - Custom models (Part 2)

    Warcraft 3 Reforged - Custom models (Part 2)

    Hi all! My second video with my custom reforged models. I will be glad if you help to me with likes:)
  2. Twilight's Hammer Clan

    Twilight's Hammer Clan

    the crazed and fanatical clan of the Twilight's Hammer, a group of void worshiping Pale Orcs, these pathetic dogs are so chaotic and unpredictable that the Ogre-Magi Cho'gall was tasked in leading them and keeping them in line, otherwise they'd lose themselves to utter madness and break formation.
  3. Regional Defender (Updated)

    Regional Defender (Updated)

    made a fully custom model face-guard and imported it unto the model to resemble his WC2 counterpart more. - done in collaboration by : ShadiHD & Tamplier777
  4. Footman Variants

    Footman Variants

    Footmen Variants of Lordaeron Sub-factions, of whom were "inspired" by the WC2 footmen.
  5. Political Map of Eastern Kingdoms on the Onset of 2nd War

    Political Map of Eastern Kingdoms on the Onset of 2nd War

  6. Stormreaver Clan

    Stormreaver Clan

    The Stormreaver Clan a newly formed Clan that is comprised of what was left of the Shadow Council, Gul'dan rallied the surviving Warlocks and loyalists and founded his own small but powerful clan.
  7. Gryphon Rider (CSW)

    Gryphon Rider (CSW)

    in continuation of the Gryphon Rider topic, here's the Riders as they appeared in the second war, we wanted to pay homage to the original "White" Gryphon in WC2 but also doing some small changes like adding tattoos on the lion part instead of a full body paint, hope you like it.
  8. Orcish Spear-Throwers/Archers of All Clans

    Orcish Spear-Throwers/Archers of All Clans

    designed by : Bagysta
  9. The Shattered Hand Clan

    The Shattered Hand Clan

    made by Bagysta
  10. Orc Campaign Screen - Tides Of Darkness

    Orc Campaign Screen - Tides Of Darkness

    done in Unreal Engine
  11. Daily Warcraft Reforged

    Re-Reforged - My comparison series

    Throm'ka, warriors! Well met. It's been a pleasure and an honor to host the Re-Reforged CC on my channel and show just how epic this project really is. Re-Reforged takes you back into a familiar place but there's always something fresh about it, it almost invokes that feeling of playing the...
  12. Doomhammer : so...you've woke up, Gul'dan.

    Doomhammer : so...you've woke up, Gul'dan.

  13. the Warrior-Mages of Dalaran

    the Warrior-Mages of Dalaran

  14. Kor'Kron Guard

    Kor'Kron Guard

    designed by : Bagysta
  15. Dark Iron Clan

    Dark Iron Clan

    done by : ShadiHD, Tamplier777, Moonman
  16. Dwarven Settlement (Townhall T1)

    Dwarven Settlement (Townhall T1)

    done by ShadiHD & Tamplier777
  17. Ironforge/Bronzbeard Dwarves

    Ironforge/Bronzbeard Dwarves

    the might Dwarves of Khaz Modan
  18. Superfrycook

    [Altered Melee] Battlefield Warcraft Reforged Faction Overview - The Republic

    BFWCR Logo by Ken Lenard Navarro posted Jul 26, 2020 at 6:35 PM Hello guys, today I would like to make an altered melee map for Battlefield Warcraft Reforged. Though work in progress, need to adjust to make any modifications. Anyway, here are the units, heroes and buildings of the Republic...
  19. Dwarven Workers (Ironforge, Dark Iron, Wildhammers)

    Dwarven Workers (Ironforge, Dark Iron, Wildhammers)

  20. Dark Iron & Ironforge Captain Units

    Dark Iron & Ironforge Captain Units

    team collaboration
  21. Wildhammer Dwarf assets pack

    Wildhammer Dwarf assets pack

    designed by me.
  22. Lordaeron Palace Floor

    Lordaeron Palace Floor

  23. Uther (Young)

    Uther (Young)

  24. Z

    Spellbreaker W3 Reforged - request

    Hello my talented friends! Me and my friend need your help. We need a original Spellbreaker model from Warcraft 3 Reforged but without shield and without mask. I think such a model would also find a use as alternative blood elf demon hunter or elf warrior from the LOTR in example. Unfortunately...
  25. L

    Creating a co-op?

    I remember seeing in the Rise of the Sin'dorei campaign there was a "forces" match with Illidan and Vashj. Is it possible to recreate something like that and if so. How would it be done?
  26. Dark Iron Armor (repurposed and retextured for Reforged)

    Dark Iron Armor (repurposed and retextured for Reforged)

  27. Dark Iron unit Shields

    Dark Iron unit Shields

  28. Ironforge Unit Shields

    Ironforge Unit Shields

    well...wait for it ;)
  29. Superfrycook

    Creating bosses in Reforged

    Hello, I was thinking I could create the main boss or mini boss. The only problem is, if the boss takes damage, he or she summons enemies, traps or both. So how can I make a trigger when the boss takes damage, let’s just say if the boss’ health dips below 80% or 50%, can summon units or traps...
  30. Superfrycook

    [Campaign] Battlefield Warcraft Reforged

    BFWCR Logo by Ken Lenard Navarro posted Jul 26, 2020 at 6:35 PM This custom campaign for Warcraft 3 Reforged is an improved version, which the previous one has a lot of problems like skipping cutscenes, trigger problems, cinematics and even some plot twists. This time, I need to analyze and...
  31. Superfrycook

    Custom Campaigns for Warcraft 3: Reforged

    I wish Reforged has custom campaigns, cause I am making my new custom campaigns in the future. And feel free to comment whatever you want about custom campaigns.
  32. W

    Your best game of WC3R to play?

    What is your favourite strategy/risk, altered melee and melee map/game that you ever having fun with? E.g. Maybe it could be an RTS game as well apart from being relative to WC3R?
  33. W

    What do you think of the difference between SC2 and WC3R?

    In terms of everything ^ title
  34. W

    Myths or Facts?

    Myths as rumours or facts as evidences? I don't read and watch the myths and rumours covered by the others about WC3R, personally being objective I think reforged does great since the servers don't rely on the private networks anymore, but people especially the editors say reforged break their...
  35. HiveTerrainPrtScShare


  36. Jarrin Derrick

    The Reforging of Blizzard's Legacy?

    Good video documenting blizzard's development, release, and fan reaction to WarCraft III reforged.
  37. yxq1122

    Reforged What can Blizzard do to recover the current decline of Warcraft III: Reforged?

    Hi, Hivers. The latest official release 1.32a may disappoint you. Here I summarize some possible must be done things that could recover the current decline of Reforged for next patch (personally): 1. All promised contents should be implemented. 2. Add back custom campaign feature. 3. Fatal...
  38. Tom_Almighty1

    Warcraft 3 Reforged (WORTH IT OR NOT)

    Guys I was wondering with all the disappointed fans out there. Is warcraft 3 reforged worth it or it the classic better? I have not purchased it because I am still deciding. Here are my concerns: 1. Graphics: I was expecting HD lighting and shadows like the one released in Blizzcon. Is it...
  39. T

    Reforged The End of an Age

  40. Hazop

    Black Screen

    So, I just installed Warcraft 3 Reforged, aaand I'm met with a black screen and nothing else, just a black screen and the cursor..... anyone else have this problem???
  41. W

    Reforged Question: WarCraft 3: Reforged's necessary mentioned elements

    Does WC3R assemble the too realistic visual elements by the telling of the necessary warning messages, if, in regards to the former? Straightly say, the health and the adaptation to the real world after the switching between the gaming of it (WC3R) and the real life, to ask: are the impacts...
  42. yxq1122

    Warcraft 3 reforged test in unreal engine 4

    1. Orc units and buildings test 2. Illidan test 3. Sylvanas and elf units test 4. Rexxar campaign Author: Axcelion
  43. Standhaft

    Custom Armies Test Request

    So I've made a map for the purposes of learning AI in the sort of scenario I want to learn it in. (Custom campaign style armies with an AI ally and AI enemies that fight each other with the player helping the friendly AI beat the hostile AI.) However, in preparation for learning custom AI...
  44. Standhaft

    Map Request, Dalaran

    Has anyone made any Dalaran maps I could use? I just want to mess around with units in the Warcraft 3 Reforged Beta Editor. Whether they are melee maps, custom campaign maps, or based on the campaign Dalaran maps is all good. I just want it to have a Dalaran theme and I am not very good at...
  45. Standhaft

    [Cinematic] Warcraft 3 Reforged Alliance vs Legion Cinematic (Beta Editor)

    Hi guys, I was creating an Alliance vs Burning Legion battle for fun and to take some screenshots to replace old ones I have on my roleplay wiki but it kind of snowballed into more and more until I created the attached. I was working on it for a good 5-6 hours and currently it's just a map of...
  46. MN Lahmar

    Reforged New Reforged Screenshots!

    A Warcraft III: Reforged build has appeared, these are the first two images! (Source: Back2Warcraft) MORE (unverified!) REFORGED SCREENSHOTS! - Enhanced Tooltips - HP bars only for damaged units - Team colored HP bars - Status bars for Heroes - Hero Level indicator - Shows Cooldowns in...
  47. Acutesharpness

    [Arena] Shadow Battle

    *This map will be scheduled for Warcraft 3 Reforged Game Style: Arena (Hero) Player Count: 5 versus 5 Map Type: Fog of War Heroes: Players start with a Wisp/Ghost and becomes a Hero. Strength, represents Vitality. Health, and health regeneration. Agility, represents Combat. Attack speed and...
  48. titans_zealot

    Should I pre order Warcraft 3 Reforged?

    I know preordering is bad, but I feel obligated to preorder a warcraft rts even if its going to be bad. Also, is there going to be a hard copy version of the game (yeah im one of those people...), cause i'd like to have a CD version of the game, but I doubt it. Any thoughts/suggestions? it's...