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  1. Yours Truly

    [Satire] Shocking interview with a Blizzard Employee about Warcraft III: Reforged

  2. Tom_Almighty1

    Warcraft 3 Reforged (WORTH IT OR NOT)

    Guys I was wondering with all the disappointed fans out there. Is warcraft 3 reforged worth it or it the classic better? I have not purchased it because I am still deciding. Here are my concerns: 1. Graphics: I was expecting HD lighting and shadows like the one released in Blizzcon. Is it...
  3. CrazyDwarfRace 1 32 Deathmatch mode

    CrazyDwarfRace 1 32 Deathmatch mode

    song - Ethan Meixsell (In_the_Shadows.)
  4. CrazyDwarfRace 1 32 Race mode

    CrazyDwarfRace 1 32 Race mode

    song - Ethan Meixsell (Collision,By_the_Sword, Angel of Mercy.)
  5. HolyPaladin

    Need a little help...

    So I tried changing the Grunt's model for the Burning Blade's Grunt model using MPQ Editor, but for some reason it just doesn't appear in game, can somebody give me a hand? (Yes, this is probably a novice question and yes, replacing the game archives is a bad move, but it's just something that I...
  6. ENAleksey

    [RenderEdge] Memory Hack

    Basic version | Experimental version | Widescreen Fix Current version v1.0.5a Introduction Now it's possible to edit the standard interface of Warcraft without the need to inject third-party libraries. Requirements: WarCraft III patch 1.26a; Experimental version of pjass. Code Memory...
  7. tolist85

    War Craft 2 Montage Videos

    Hey everybody, ı have montage videos about war craft 2. I hopw you have fun:
  8. ENAleksey

    [RenderEdge] Widescreen Fix

    Basic version | Experimental version | Memory Hack Current version v1.2.0c Widescreen fix for Warcraft III A standalone version of RenderEdge with only widescreen fix. Adds support for monitors with aspect ratios wider than 4:3. Installation Just put the .mix file from archive into the...
  9. gabriono

    [Misc] Importing a custom skin without overwriting the default one

    Introduction Usually when you import a custom skin into your map it overrides the default one. But what if you want to use a custom skin and the default one or other skins for the same unit model at the same time? You can see bellow how to do it. What do you need: War3 Model Editor by Magos...
  10. ENAleksey

    [RenderEdge] Experimental version

    Basic version | Widescreen Fix | Memory Hack The experimental version is no longer supported, use basic version. Introduction RenderEdge is a modification for Warcraft III, aimed first and foremost at improving the graphical components of the game by implementing a newer version of the...
  11. ENAleksey

    [RenderEdge] Graphic modification for Warcraft III

    Experimental version | Widescreen Fix | Memory Hack Current version v0.3.0 Introduction I think many people have seen the Nirvana project where the author has implemented Normal Mapping, Shadow Volume, and various post-effects. I decided to continue his work. RenderEdge is a modification...
  12. facukpo

    Attack disabled without a reason

    This is my first post on this forum so please correct me if I did anything wrong. I've been working on this map for a very long time now and recently while I was testing it I noticed some of the units have lost the ability to attack. The attack doesn't show at all: <- Like this I checked and...
  13. Trigger Heurt De Bouclier

    Trigger Heurt De Bouclier

    Example of spell with a ratio of armor. I changed the defensive multiplier to 0.01 in my map. And the trigger on and off matching to a text of display of the damages which undergoes the unity, so I deactivated it because to put the armor in a variable it was necessary to inflict the damages.
  14. Łapin Viktus

    [Spell] How to create a spell with ratio armor

    I want to create a spell with ratio armor for my hero tank, may I put his value of armor in one variable? Or is needed a script? And how make it? Thank you for help, Łapin Viktus (fr)
  15. Łapin Viktus

    [Solved] How to change the action hotkeys

    I try to change hot keys of the attack-move action on my map, the spells of my heroes are in AZER because I am in Azerty thus my hot keys is A, and I look has to put it Q. Can I change this with Keycraft or use a dummy spell when we press Q ? Thank you for help, Łapin Viktus (fr)
  16. Thiiago

    Just an "model" of sorcerer

    I need just that picks the model of an War3 normal Sorceress, and do two things. - 1) Put the "head" of Emissary (The Human Mage, of War3, version of HE Priest priest but human.) - 2) Make the sorceress "forms" or "body" more "Male" understand? no breasts, and no female contours the body...