voice acting

  1. Edu Cherrypatty

    Voice for Volunteer! Looking to Join any Project!

    Having grown up inspired by Warcraft III, I'm looking to give back to the community! If you have a custom map, or anything in need of a fresh voice, check out my voice reel! For mod projects, I do all of my work free of any charge, I'm just looking to be apart of some excellent projects! If...
  2. Vel (Tien-Yun) Wu

    [Solved] Voice files extracted from the game for Voice Cloning (AI-generated new dialogues)

    Hello, I currently am doing an experiment of building an expanded universe where existing characters will be involved in excitingly new scenes/dialogues/conversations that the original publisher of the game did not intend. The idea is to create new stories for old characters, where you have...
  3. Vel (Tien-Yun) Wu

    Voice cloning for creating new, voiced dialogues using the original actors' voices

    Hi there, This idea occurred to me recently and after doing some research, I would like to propose this and see how you folks feel about it. Please also vote in the poll which will close in 31 days. Is this something you'd like? If yes, then I'll start working on it and do my best to make it...
  4. W

    Share: What is your favourite sound and voice?

    What is your fav. sound and voice? (voice acting) I found there is a thread, What's your favourite type of spell, model, and voice? but this thread will just be the favourites of your sound's and voice's choices, of course. Mine:
  5. Veronnis

    [Role Playing Game] The Lands of Arkeya

    Welcome to The Lands of Arkeya homepage. I'll hopefully be filling this up more soon, but with the release of Reforged anticipated this year much of this game is only being worked on in regard to systems, other features such as terrain and world design are still on hold until the new editor is...
  6. Eregos

    [Resource Release] Archimonde Unit Sound Set v1.0

    My Archimonde voices for the in-game Warcraft III unit are based only on his Warcraft 3 voice lines. Zenonoth already made a set based on his WoW lines, but many players expressed a preference for his more subdued Warcraft III style, a preference I share. I know there have been other attempts...
  7. hypsandar

    Corrupted Sounds

    Hey there, for some unknown reason the voice acted tutorial scenario will not play at the beginning of the map startup. I checked everything there is, i don't see the issue and its rather irritating. Something like this should be obvious but its not, at least not to me. Here's a link to the...
  8. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Guess what SC2 character or VA who does the best voice fitting for stuff (DO NOT DELETE/REMOVE)

    Vote who this is first, reply here and then i'll answer you. EDIT: Since nobody voted and replied... it is Alexei Stukov (Victor Brandt) i believe (Very fitting voice for Vampire and Undead Russian characters i suppose).
  9. hypsandar

    Wizard & The Beast [Warcraft Scenario Movie]

    Heyy Hivers, me, my brother & my sister made our first legit Warcraft scenario together. What do you think? Have any feedback?
  10. DarkRanger2

    Campaign - searching for members.

    Hello again! As our project is moving correctly, we need more help each time. Most of all, we need some map makers ! Script : Fruit Forest. - - - - - - Map makers : Thendar. - - - - - - DarkrangerAlice. Lore professional: DarkrangerAlice. - - - If you are interested in...
  11. Tzalksar

    Voice-Over/Unit Sound Set Request

    Hello, I would like to recruit someone to do a soundset for @Heinvers model, the Justicar. However, I want someone who sounds close to the Captain you get in the RoC Human campaign. I like his voice ;P
  12. Premin

    Voice Bytes

    So, I am curious, how much interest and use would voice acting garner here? I am interested in offering my feminine voice for anyone who wants to create new sound bytes for models and whatnot (given the lines to speak), BUT I want to make sure that I don't say, "Hey, everybody! Who wants to use...