1. Mathroy

    Units keep Highest Upgrade when changing Ownership

    Hello! I am making a 4v4 Tug of War style map and I got a little problem. So on one side 4 players can make their own units with their own upgrades. The units made will change ownership to a Computer and will attack-move to the enemy base. Works the same way with the opposite team. The...
  2. Macadamia

    Invulnerable Building "Our allies town needs help!" issue.

    Hello there ! Still working on improving my map, I added a building that lets you improve you Hero Builder custom attributes, and recently added an upgrade to the building that increases the hero range (and sight range so that it works) by 50 for every level. Now everything works fine...
  3. Sh4d

    Sharing upgrades

    Hi, I am trying to create my own survival chaos map. To manage units, i have created 4 forces with a computer in each one and assigned all units spawning to the computer player, making them move and cast only by using triggers. I am working on upgrades/technologies and i don't know how to apply...
  4. Boo Hassan

    Help with making a gold decreasing upgrade for ghouls.

    Hey everyone! As the title says, basically I couldn't find anything online after googling a bunch, but basically I want to make a tier 3 upgrade for Ghouls that reduces their gold cost. But I can't find a good template for it in both the buffs/effects section, nor the upgrades sections. Anyway...
  5. Hazop

    Doctrines or Ideologies?

    In my upcoming update for "Tiriath Civil War" I've come do a dilemma. Should I have upgrades leading up to "Soviet" Models, "German" Models, etc. Be called Doctrines? (Ex. Blitzkreig Doctrine gives you German units) or have them be ideologies like "Facism", "Communism" etc and have doctrines...
  6. Reinhold

    Something regading upgrades

    In one of the maps, I saw a research that allows a unit to be trained with less food, thans to a research. (ex: Frost Wyrm - 7 food; research complete => Frost Wyrm - 5 food) Can anyone help me with this?
  7. Raen7

    [GUI] Undead Gold Gathering (Harvesting) Upgrade

    Intro I was recently trying to build a map with "improved resource gathering" upgrades. This is very simple for Human and Orc (based off the Human "Improved Lumber Harvesting" upgrade), and semi-simple for Night Elf (the upgrade has to use a separate effect called "Gold harvesting bonus...
  8. PrinceOfThaWest

    Object Editor issues

    There seems to be an issue with Object Editor in World Editor where I cannot see custom units (for techtree) and custom upgrades for units to use when I want to add them up. Anyone experiencing this or is it just my Editor playing some random tricks? As you can see on the pictures above...
  9. CAAentertainment

    [Solved] 'Defense Type Change' Upgrade + Damage

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a map update to my most roleplay popular map online on Battle.net. Currently, I'm trying to make an Upgrade/Research to one of the units that applies a Defense Type Change and also an attack damage bonus. I've scoured the net, and there are no answers to...
  10. Adorm

    [Solved] Limiting Unit Construction based on Player Color

    Hey Guys, Is there a way to limit unit construction based on player color? Preferably not through triggers but rather through the Object Editor? Similar to how in some Maps such as Greece you have Special Unit upgrades depending on faction, yet are built in the same building. Or is this not...
  11. born_by_killers

    Creating a Tier System

    Creating a Tier System (GUI) Way One = Difficulty: 2/10 Way Two = Difficulty: 7/10 ------------------------- Introduction First of all, a tiering system is something that allows the player to advance to the next character in a story, or 'tier up'. It removes the current character...
  12. Darkness568

    [Trigger] Upgrading and teleport point system??

    Hi I am trying to make a battle tanks map that has a clickable upgrading system so that a hero when they click on the item it takes away x amount of gold from the hero and upgrades the item to a better version or different one all together. A teleport system that when a unit is near...