unit group

  1. darkravenbest

    Current selected unit in group

    Hello! I need to know it is possible to catch event when player selects unit(make it active) in current selected unit group. When i tested it, it seems "Unit selected by player" doesnt work when you selected unit in already selected group of units in UI.
  2. chunchunmaru

    How to get the total Health Points of units in a unit group?

    The title says it all. Any idea on how to get the total?
  3. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Alright, i did a thing, does it leak?

    Hello again Alright, as the title suggests, i did a thing and as a beginner trigger dude, i feel like this will leak if i just use it as it is, am i wrong? SpawnLevel1Mobs Events Conditions Actions Set VariableSet SelectedMobGroup = (Units of type No unit-type) If...
  4. Spacebuns

    Effortless and Efficient Unit Group functions for GUI Triggers

    Effortless and Efficient Unit Group functions for GUI Triggers Background This is a tutorial for GUI users to learn how to use the new natives for Unit Group functions while mapmaking. A lot of people, I assume, are still using GUI triggers because they don't have more time to devote to...
  5. Death Adder

    [Solved] Just can't seem to get group enum of locusted units to work

    My issue is that both call DisplayTimedTextToForce( GetPlayersAll(), 4.00, "locusts in group: " + I2S(CountUnitsInGroup(locust_spawns_group[i])) ) and set globalInt = 0 call GroupEnumUnitsOfPlayer(locust_spawns_group[i], p, function CountLocustsInGroupEnum)...
  6. HerlySQR

    [General] Unit being removed event

    How can I action a trigger when a unit its removed? I tried with "Unit leaves Playable Map Area" and "Entire map" and it didn't work, Maybe you will tell me that I can detect using "Units in region" but it doesn't detect hidden units, the other functions of unit group limit the conditions, can...
  7. J2Krauser

    [Solved] Removing phantom units from a unit group

    Hi. Probably sounds like a hot topic that comes up every now and then. I tried searching for a good answer, but, unfortunately, found nothing that could work in my situation. Anyway, to explain what I'm talking about. Simply put: removed units. A bit more precisely, units which get removed...
  8. Kick King

    [Trigger] How to find units grouped together around a unit

    I'm creating an AOS hero AI and so far the one thing that I haven't figured out a good way to do is have the AI find units that are grouped together to cast an AOE spell. I'm currently trying to utilize base spells ID's to get the Built in WC3 AI to make decisions but there are a few spells...
  9. bruunk

    [Solved] Do I need to destroy this group to remove leaks?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if my unit group is stored in a variable do I still need to use the "BJ_wantdestroygroup" function. This is the trigger I'm curious about: SS SoulGroupCheck Events Time - Every 1.33 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick...
  10. NoobPromedio

    Check if unit has alredy been afected

    I have a unit "caster" that creates a proyectile "shockwavedummy", every 0.03 seconds it picks all the units in a 200 radius of the proyectile and deals 100 magic damage to them. What i want is to check if a unit has alredy been dealt damage to, and if so, to not damage them again. i've come up...
  11. Cushq

    Arena Duel Trigger

    I'm trying to set up a dueling trigger for my arena map where at say 15-30 minutes intervals there will be a duel with all the current heroes on each team that are on map get sent to a region and after there is one team left will then move the units back to their respective spawn zones. Doesn't...
  12. Mr.Bear

    How to create a unit group event

    Hello guys, so I'm having a bit of trouble here, I want to do a trigger where I kill 4 units (2 brigands, 1 assassin and 1 rogue) and certain action occurs, but I can't find a way to select a group to kill in order for an action to be activated I can only select "kill 1 unit and certain action...
  13. ZiBitheWand3r3r

    [Solved] Group swap

    Regarding vJass Optimization: Using a First of Group Loop for Enumeration tutorial, I'm not sure I understand swaping group method This is a example script from above tutorial scope test globals private group iterator=CreateGroup() private group swap=CreateGroup()...
  14. deepstrasz

    [Spell] A unit takes damage as a unit group unit variable for spells

    I'm trying to use Carrion Swarm to slow down (using a dummy unit) units which are being hit/damaged by it. It seems not to work if I use a picked unit variable as the unit taking damage as seen here: Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability If (All Conditions are True) then do...
  15. Cylder

    [Trigger] This trigger is giving me a headache

    I don't know why this trigger isn't working Part 1 Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Unit-type of (Attacking unit)) Equal to Trap Actions Set Index = (Index + 1) Set TrapUnits[Index] = (Units in No region) Wait 1.00 game-time...
  16. TheAyalalalalon

    [Spell] Random aoe Unit pick and check

    Hello I need some help with a trigger i couldn't complete for an ability The ability is target to a point When cast it creates a dummy and pick one random enemy organic unit in a range (prioritize heroes) and starts damaging it every second If the unit leaves the maximum area the dummy will...
  17. Keiu

    [Spell] Soul Preservation and Unit Group

    I use a ability called ''Soul Preservation'' to remove unit from the game, and use trigger to add each unit removed form the game to an unit group, and then use another ability and trigger to summon all units in the unit group. The idea actully works, but there is something wrong in the...
  18. Stephen Bull

    [Solved] Need help with trigger that keeps track of player value

    I'm trying to make a map that displays the total value of each player, this tally's up all the units, buildings, and hero's the player owns along with their gold. Here's my trigger: Player1Red Events Time - Every 0.10 seconds of game time Conditions (Player 1 (Red) slot...
  19. TheAyalalalalon

    [Trigger] Attacking priority GUI Trigger

    Hello I am trying to finish this trigger that should make certain units(buildings in this case) stop from attacking heros and change the objective of the order to another random non hero unit in their range My problem is that i can not create the action nohero attack Events Unit -...
  20. AquaFire

    Mass Raise Dead: How to Select Corpses

    Hello Everyone, I am wanting to create a spell that works like a "Mass Raise Dead." I want it to find all corpses around the caster then raise zombies at each one while getting rid of the corpse. However, I am unable to find a method for selecting unit corpses as a unit group. I have tried two...