1. Banach

    Tooltip question: mindmg1 not showing correct value

    For some reason <----,mindmg1> is giving me the damage of the original values in it. Does anyone know how to fix this? In comparison, <----,realHP> is giving the correct value. Here are some screen shots:
  2. HerlySQR

    Custom Tooltip similar to the default ones

    Hello, I wanna know how can I make a custom frame that looks like the tooltip of W3? I know how to resize, I just wanna know how to create it, please.
  3. DexterFstone

    raw code

    Hi why some raw codes return '0'? STR STRplus AGI AGIplus INT INTplus regenHP HeroAbilList and how to show raw codes of hero? how to show the full hp or mp (current of the game as level 1 without item)of a hero? realHP or HP not do that
  4. Showcase: New Tooltip in Chars

    Showcase: New Tooltip in Chars

  5. ThePoet

    Dota LoD Bugs since Reforged

    Hello Hive, This help request is intended for anyone who can fix, or can explain how to fix the following minor bugs in Defense of the Ancients - Legends of Dota (Dota LoD). Also, if anyone has access to an unprotected version of this map so that said bugs can be fixed, it would also be...
  6. ThePoet

    Dota LoD bugs

    Hello, There are a few minor bugs in Dota LoD ever since reforged came out which are discussed in detail on blizzard's forum here: Dota LoD Bugs Some programmers even replied with possible solutions to these bugs, however, nobody seems to be willing to, or able to implement said...
  7. Cheshire

    [Solved] Broken Tooltip

    I made a spell based on animate dead (from the item), and everything is fine, but for some reason the extended tooltip is blank in-game. any Ideas why this this is happening? thanks!
  8. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [General] How to change Armor/Damage type tooltips?

    Hello all, I'm playing around with the armor and damage typing systems, and I'm working to simplify it a little bit. I figured out how to change the multiplier values in the Gameplay Constants window, but I tried changing the tooltips (in order to reflect these changes) in Game Interface but...
  9. NoobPromedio

    Character limit in shop is not the same as the inventory one

    Hello, i have been working on a map of mine for about 2 months and have run into a problem when making the item tooltips. Imgur Imgur As you can see in the images, when buying an item the text appears correctly, but when i check the item in the inventory, it's description is cut. I want to...
  10. lolreported

    [JASS] Modify Item-Type Tooltips

    Has anyone figured out how to modify the tooltip of an item-type, if even possible? A workaround exists maybe? The natives modifying item data only takes an item parameter, not item-type/integer. native BlzSetItemExtendedTooltip takes item whichItem, string extendedTooltip...
  11. Yui Moe

    [Tooltip] How to format texts in a tooltip

    Hello everyone, I wonder for those tooltips in game (like ability description, shop unit/item description), how could we format the text? So far, I only know we can use |n to start a newline. I would like to how to: (1) Indentation (tried |t or \t, neither works :() (2) Alignment...
  12. KvickaN

    [Solved] All my tooltips are gone/empty

    Edit: Fixed, after lots of testing I forgot I had imported war3map.wts so thats why the saving did not work. Now it saves correctly again, just have to rewrite everything. Lesson learned. Always keep a backup. :-) Hi, Got a major issue, all my tooltips have gone missing. I spent about half a...
  13. SoooK

    Tooltip - Data reference only returns "0"

    I created a custom technology "R001:Rhme". Its sub data "mod2" has a value of "45" (Real, health increase per tech level). I want to display this value in a tooltip from a custom ability. I already tried to display reference data from another custom unit in this abiity, which appears to be...
  14. necro-mage14

    Need a Someone good in english

    Hello guys, I need some one know english and warcraft lore because I need him to give me a good and unique names for some custom units and heroes I will create for my project for now this the list of my custom Units: CUSTOM UNITS[/COLOR]"] more will come soon....
  15. Recklessness

    Ability Tooltip Help

    So I wanted to make an ability deal (2 x Strength) damage, but personally thinks it look ugly if I leave it like that in the text is there a code or phrase so that it generates that number automatically?
  16. Payton Tate

    ToolTip Issues

    So I'm heavily reworking an old map of mine and one of the big things I need to fix are tooltips, so here's the issue: The data references don't appear to be working for one reason or another, they'll only display a "0" in the game, or reference the damage values of the original ability, say...
  17. Kithio

    Tooltip Border [Sin'dorei by I3lackDeath]

    I was just wonderring if anyone could make a tooltip border to go with this UI pack released by I3lackDeath I'm a horrible spriter and haven't the slightest idea on where to start when it comes to making textures for Wc3 related UI as well, I don't know if the files are lock ratios or if we can...
  18. Chaos Omega

    Attack Tooltips

    I customized some attack types in world editor so because of it I tried to adjust the tooltips in Game Interface but even when I change all 3 of the options in game they still stay the same. Can anybody enlighten me, because I'm at a loss.
  19. TheAyalalalalon

    Dynamic tooltips

    Hello. i thought it was a good idea a tooltip that updates himself using as referce an external source like the hero attributes as raw data Something like having on current unit 23 agilty points, write Deals <E003,Agility> magic damage to a target enemy And this should show Deals 23 magic...