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Tooltip - Data reference only returns "0"

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Level 3
Nov 12, 2018
I created a custom technology "R001:Rhme". Its sub data "mod2" has a value of "45" (Real, health increase per tech level).
I want to display this value in a tooltip from a custom ability. I already tried to display reference data from another custom unit in this abiity, which appears to be correct for some kinds of sub data only. Others are also displayed as "0" for no apparent reason.

I use the folowing tooltip: "test <R001,mod2> test"
I want to see: "test 45 test"
But I get to see: "test 0 test"

Are there rules to this, that I'm not aware of?

What I tried so far:
- "test <R001,mod2,%> test"
- "test <R001,mod2,.> test"
- "test <R001:Rhme,mod2> test"
- "test <R001;Rhme,mod2> test"
- There is no typo! "0" isn't "o" and "1" isn't "l" (lower case L)

*Note: The sub data "mod2" doesn't appear in the technology my custom technology is based of. Does this cause problems?
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