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texture problem

  1. Ungoliath

    [SOLVED] Texture works in Warcraft 3 Viewer, but is completely stretched in the World Editor and Model Editor

    Hello! I'm currently having some issues with some ported models from WoW. Like the title says, they look fine in WC3 Viewer, but not when I import them into the WC3 Editor (or the Model Editor). The problem ranges from missing branches to parts of the model's texture turning stretchy and...
  2. BallsSucker

    Alchemist animations pikes and cloud.

    Hello. Going streight to the grain: MAIN 2 QUESTIONS 1.- How could I find the "animations" of the alchemist PURP contour from reforged and the peaks from the morph classic alchemist (both in photos): 2.- I know how to extract on retera, but the MAIN problem is that I don't know if those are...
  3. Daelinzan

    Changing standart tree texture

    Hi, i'm trying to recolor lordaeron summer tree to feat ashenvale terrain, but i can't see any changes in WE :( path: doodads\terrain\lordaerontree\lordaerontree_diffuse.dds texture attached, thanks! Problem was solved
  4. tytarjunior20

    [General] Unit as a Destructible missing texture

    Hey all. Forgive me if this is a simple question. I'm randomly generating destructables as in game resources across my entire map. Unfortunately, building a trigger for drops only accounts for the first 64 destructables in the map. I tried several recommendations referring to each...
  5. pige0n

    Can't replace the textures

    I did everything I could, but I can’t replace the texture of Ashenwal vines with my own texture (asphalt). I wrote all the file paths correctly, triple checked it. In ordinary warcraft(SD quality) it is replaced normally, but in Reforged it does not react at all. I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe...
  6. linknukem

    [Fixed] Model Editor: Black Transparency?

    Is it possible to make a texture transparent, but black when used on a model? The abomination texture has a part that is used as a transparent texture and a part of the body that is not supposed to be transparent (circled with red in my texture). It is used for the upper part of its stomach...
  7. Zak17

    Need Help making some changes to a model

    I am trying to switch around some of the textures used in a custom model, and when i save it in War3 Model Editor, the textures I have replaced show up properly. But when i import the saved model to my campaign, only 2 of the four textures i just swapped out are there. All but one of them are...
  8. Arturo_332

    Petition: Blp file (Dark Gray Unicolor)

    Hello :) good afternoon, today I'm going to ask you a favor. I need a very dark gray blp texture but not completely black, like the team color (Hostile) Pd: excuse my bad translation, my native language is Spanish and if they understand ask me and I can try to make them understand :D
  9. CaptainNaver

    Doodads/Models Randomly Turn Partially Black

    I recently changed some of the blp locations inside of some mdx files with text pad and MdxPather and moved some file around inside the map. Now when I run the map everything will show up fine for a minute or so, and then some units and doodad textures will suddenly turn partially black. Does...
  10. Mister_Haudrauf

    Texture Editing Help

    Could Someone change this Eitrigg.blp texture to have White Hair like the Blademaster or the White Hair Paladin. It should mostly look the same but he should have white hair. I don't know how to do White hair.:goblin_cry: And if someone ask this is a mixture of the Grunt (Entire Body)...
  11. Rakhall

    Texturing Problems please help me!

    I was trying to make custom skins for characters, but when I used them in-game, it didn't turn out well. The problem is, that after I import it as a blp file, it works in the Wc3model editor, but when I put the character in-game it doesn't shows the customized part... either they turn invisible...