1. Ahimtar

    Selling items to a shop on/under a cliff

    In my map there is a shop that is near a cliff. I want units on both below and on the cliff to be able to buy and sell items. Buying works well for both, but selling only works correctly for those that are on the shop's level. For units that are on the cliff, selling only works correctly when...
  2. Knight of Arsford

    [General] Marketplace and Limited Stock Items

    How does the Marketplace work exactly? I know that it cycles items every now and then, and when you buy the item, it disappears. I'm planning on making an RPG that has a shop that randomly stocks items, as I don't want players just having several copies of an item and making themselves...
  3. bruunk

    [General] Dummy Unit that has Neutral Building Minimap Icon

    Hello, I'm trying to mark certain locations with the Neutral Building Minimap Icon using dummy units, though for some reason the Icon shows up during the loading screen, but it does not show on the player's in-game minimap. The unit has: Neutral Building - Shows Minimap Icon = True Stats -...
  4. Mathayis

    *Solved* Signs for Inn, shops request

    Howdy there! Just wondering if anyone knew where I could find some sign models? I'm looking for something simple, perhaps a sign made out of wood that says "Inn" or " Weapon, armor shop" "Materials" Thanks! :D
  5. Bgreat

    Item ability

    Hi everyone, I was making items ability and got stuck. The ideal is to create item with hero ability. So when player buy the item from shop they can use the ability of that item once then It will disappear. what I did: - create ability - create item with that ability - create a shop that sell...
  6. Rykon-V73

    Help with a Recipe Shop

    In my edited version of the Friends map, I thought of having a recipe shop with recipes to allows items to fuse. I was only wondering: is there a way to switch to the next page, last page, page from before and first place just by using the Object Editor?
  7. DaneTheBeast

    12 Items in a shop

    Even though I removed the "Hero select" icon, adding items to a marketplace with Neutral Building - Add Item-type to Market with 1 in stock and a max stock of 1 adds only up to 11 items. I tried setting Neutral Building - Limit Market to 12 item slots and Neutral Building - Limit Market to 0...
  8. Swatosj

    Weird AddUnitToStockBJ function behaviour

    Hi ! I'm currently trying to implement a dynamic random unit sell system and I've ran into a strange problem using the native function which adds unit to a shop (AddUnitToStockBJ). Problem Sometimes the function is adding the correct amount of unit slots to the shop and sometimes it just...
  9. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Crafting at a vendor, using items from inventory

    Hello. I am currently making an rpg map, and I need to make you capable of making/buying some specific items, when you carry some specific items in your inventory. I've been able to make a trigger, that adds an item to a shop when a player carries a specific item in the inventory. However, I...
  10. Uncle

    [Solved] Shop problems - Adding and removing items through triggers

    Hello, I'm having issues with my shop system. I want to re-stock an item whenever you purchase it from a shop. I figured something like this was sure to work: Purchase an Item Events Unit - A unit Sells an item (from shop) Conditions Actions Neutral Building - Add...
  11. Uncle

    [Solved] Hiding the "Get User" ability from Shops WHILE retaining it's functionality

    I know that you can toggle the Get User button on and off in the editor with Select Hero's "Show Select User Button" field, but that won't fix my problem. The problem is that the Get User button is taking up a slot on my commandcard and replacing Items inside the shop. I already have 2-3...
  12. Uncle

    Detecting when a unit starts using a Shop

    So i'm making a custom Shop system with pages and categories and I wanted to know of a good way to determine if a unit has come into buying range of a Shop. I have some ideas, but I'd like to know what you guys would do. So the first two ideas that come to mind are: 1) A unit comes within...
  13. posthumousturbo

    How I can made Next pages in the shop?

    I have 8 types of shops in my map, I want every shop have 4 pages of items. How Make It? PLEASE HELP! OK and I need help to made 60 heroes randomized tavern?
  14. BalanceDruid7

    Shop Access Delay

    When approaching a shop, there's somewhere between 1-2 seconds delay before you can actually purchase anything from it. I want to know if there is a way of fixing this delay. I tried searching in Gameplay Constants with no result. Any1?
  15. Hypnotic)

    Spell Shop/Chooseable spells (i need help)

    I want a detailed help about making a Shop with buyable custom or basic spells. I have already read the thread about that but i'm still struggeling with. For me it's hard to find the right choices in triggers tab, basicly its really hard to make my own trigger look like the trigger post in...
  16. Ricola3D

    [Solved] Shop - change sell list order

    Hello, I just created a new item. I added it to the list of items sold by my shop unit, in 4th position in the list in the map editor because I want it on the first line (with the 3 other expansive items). However it appears in last, at bottom-right. Why ?? How can I change the order...
  17. SkoOrp1oN

    [Solved] Shared research shop

    Hey guys, im trying to create a warcraft map which would also contain a shop that players can reseach in. I have tried a few things here and there but nothing seemed to have worked(or im just screwing something up),i already have the upgrade set and everything i just need to know how do i get it...
  18. Manuel

    [Trigger] My shop system didnt work.

    I have 2 Shops. The one works fine.. For the second one i just make the same variables but with sufix Mage.7 When I try to save it i get the Compile Error : Name expected. It would be really nice if u can help me with that. Its a GUI Shop. Please it would be really nice if someone...