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  1. Zealian Force.jpg

    Zealian Force.jpg

    The Army of Zeal, also known as the Shadow Force. The kingdom of Zeal is known for its best Hunters and their ability to tame Ferocious beasts, that reside within their winter forest. They are also known to use Shadow magic. As questioned by their fellow kin, the King of Zeal could care...
  2. Forest Troll Shadow Priest

    Forest Troll Shadow Priest

  3. Forest Troll Shadow Priest Alternate

    Forest Troll Shadow Priest Alternate

  4. Shadow Hunter

    Shadow Hunter

  5. Shadow Hunter (Masked)

    Shadow Hunter (Masked)

  6. Blood Raven

    [Solved] Is it possible to manually edit shadowmap?

    Hey there, I have a quick question. When you select "Calculate shadows and save map", the WE creates a shadowmap texture file and saves it (somewhere?) within the map file. My question is, is it possible to extract said file, edit it manually like you would a texture, then reimport it back?
  7. JackAcorda

    Shadow Problem

    Here's the gist of what happened: There are existing buildings and doodads on the map I was working on, and everytime I were to delete any building or doodad there shadows are still shown. (weird :grin:) I am not knowledgeable on mapping and I don't know what may have caused this problem :xxd...
  8. Collapse


    Here is the first hint of project. There is a map. Each of the opposing bases are connecting by 3(+2) lanes defended by structures. Forces are Light (Naaru) and Shadow (Void Lords) Background story will be avaible (Keywords: Nozdormu, Thrall, Cycle, Madness, Corrupt, Old Gods, Murozond, Alternative
  9. Lord_Marrowgrath

    Child of Light and Shadow

    Hello. Can someone make new illidan model like this? (not skin) +4 REP and CREDIT
  10. Alethos

    Shade/Shadow Effect Model Request

    Hey all- I know I've dabbled myself somewhat in the request section and with modeling in general but I have a request that I haven't quite figured out because I don't know how to begin/I know I'll mess it up. I need a shade- shadow like model- should be a transparent black 'filter' screen...
  11. SD Army V0.2

    SD Army V0.2

    Scrapped 1 unit; Added 2 new units; Changed the role of 1 old unit.
  12. SD Army V0.1

    SD Army V0.1

    Demons of the Abyss - The Bane of Mankind. Human souls, suffering and Sins is what makes them stronger. For a Demon, strength is not just power, strength is what ensures their survival... for those who are weak shall perish... And soon they are to become stronger than the Humankind...
  13. Fruit Forest

    [Campaign] Shadowmancer: INHERITOR (CHAPTER 1,2 + INTRO)

    SHADOWMANCER: INHERITOR This is my second project that continues a plot of SHADOWMANCER. Since I finished first part, a plot line for a main hero wasn't finished yet. It requires a second part. GAMEPLAY FEATURES: - Hard work with HASH tables. It could help to decrease loading time. -...
  14. chopinski

    weird Shadow does not disappear when recalculated!

    So, im modding a map, and i recalculate shadows to get rid of annoying ones, but there's this one that i cant remove. any ideas?
  15. Fruit Forest

    [Campaign] Shadowmancer: DYNAMIC RPG CAMPAIGN

    DYNAMIC RPG CAMPAIGN: S H A D O W M A N C E R by Fruit Forest This the story of the young elf Demenian who was saved by a shadow creature named Irv from being executed by Holy Church soldiers. Demenian saw the Church's crimes and they wanted to kill him for being a witness. Later, Irv, his...