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The Army of Zeal, also known as the Shadow Force. The kingdom of Zeal is known for its best Hunters and their ability to tame Ferocious beasts, that reside within their winter forest. They are also known to use Shadow magic. As questioned by their fellow kin, the King of Zeal could care...
The Kingdom of Zeal is located in the North Eastern part of Oros, covered in both dense snow and forest. The Zealian Forest, or as the locals called it ' The ICE PINE WOODS', is home to many ferocious beasts, like Bear Owls and Chimeras. These mentioned beasts were once feral until the Hunter Zeal tamed them and utilized their strength to empower her Army during the first Reclamation.

Sadly the reclamation failed and the Hunter, Zeal has fallen, but her practices still live on within her followers. Establishing a Kingdom under her name. The people of Zeal continued to hunt in the Ice Pine Woods, taming more Bear Owls and Chimeras, integrating these beasts properly into their armies.

As past time passes, eventually, a mysterious person offered the King of Zeal and the people the art of Shadow Magic. The King accepted the mysterious person's offer, but the price for the shadow magic remains a secret.

When the Kingdoms of the New Human Empire found out about Zeal's practices in Shadow Magic, they were disgusted and somewhat felt betrayed. The Kingdom of Zeal on the other hand proved to himself, and his followers, that they were still loyal to the empire and that the shadow magic has no corruption at all.

The Current Emperor of that time accepted Zeal's claim and eventually, some of the human kingdoms tolerated their practice, except for the Western Kingdoms of Reinhart, Davaya, and Tevazu, who remained skeptical... But the King of Zeal could care less of their judgment.

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