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  1. UHSFA: The Alliance

    UHSFA: The Alliance

  2. Zealian Force.jpg

    Zealian Force.jpg

    The Army of Zeal, also known as the Shadow Force. The kingdom of Zeal is known for its best Hunters and their ability to tame Ferocious beasts, that reside within their winter forest. They are also known to use Shadow magic. As questioned by their fellow kin, the King of Zeal could care...
  3. Perdonian Army.jpg

    Perdonian Army.jpg

    The Perdonian Army. The Kingdom of Perdon is known for its tough and hearty soldiers across the New Human Empire. Especially for their Hearty Calvary. Led by High Commander Arik True Heart, the troops bravely charge into battle, with high spirits within them.
  4. Dord96

    [HD/Modeling] mages for humans and elves reforged

    hello everyone if you can and willing to help i ask if anyone can mages both hero and units for the reaces the use magic such as humans high/blood elf and so on in reforged becuas the creep wizerds units look to evil ro renaged to by as still part of the kirin tor or any lewfull way and and...
  5. Screenshot_3.png


    -Greetings im Lord Admiral Jaina Proudmoore. Credits to Blizzard , tillinghast , Asssssvi , Ujimasa Hojo ,Explobomb
  6. rcshaggy

    [Campaign] Warcraft I: Destruction of Azeroth

    Just before the First War Gul'dan recieved a vision from a cloaked figure telling about a lush new world. It was called Azeroth...The cloaked figure would help him create a rift between their two worlds... Gul'dan praised the idea of a new world to conquer so he gathered his most loyal...
  7. LordPerenoldeII

    [Campaign] WC2 Blackrock Spire

    Hello. I was thinking about modifying the Blackrock Spire mission for the Enhanced option in my Warcraft 2 Remake. I think it's ridiculous to put so much water in there, where there's not even a bit on that position in the Azeroth map. In this way the map will take a "nostalgia" look, resembling...
  8. Dagren "The indestructible". Other views!

    Dagren "The indestructible". Other views!

  9. New Dagren- The Orcslayer indestructible

    New Dagren- The Orcslayer indestructible

    Our hero receives an even heavier armor, with some cloth accessories removed and others added from his own set, without using accoutrements of other Reforged ones.
  10. skillzmfg3

    [Role Playing Game] Reviving an Old Project: Lothaleven Wars

    Greetings everyone! With the recent announcement of WC3 Reforged my passion for Warcraft has generally been reignited. While I do enjoy playing other people's custom maps my real passion lies in creating my own maps. Now while you read, please do keep in mind I haven't done anything WC3 related...
  11. icsoka21

    New in town - question re campaigns

    Hello, unsure where to post this, but i am looking for the correct spot to post about campaigns. Its been so long since i have played this due to computer issues, and now i hear that there will be a reboot of WAR3, which is super awesome and amazing. I wanted to know from the community though...
  12. Championfighter25

    Flaws of Arkain

    We needed a ''hate'' thread sooner or later anyway, didn't we? :p Anyway, the point of this thread is to post what you find as bad, flawed, unfitting and stupid with the Arkain series and post it here. Also, though you may get this idea, this really isn't a hate thread. So it is adviced if you...
  13. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 1

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 1

  14. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 2

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 2

  15. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 3

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 3

  16. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 4

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 4

  17. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 5

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 5

  18. 01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 5

    01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 5

  19. 01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 4

    01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 4

  20. 01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 3

    01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 3

  21. 01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 2

    01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 2

  22. 01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 1

    01. Kingdom of Stormwind - 1

  23. Stormwind's Alliance Crest

    Stormwind's Alliance Crest

    A simple cnp edit of the WoW Alliance crest, to represent the Human Alliance of Stormwind.
  24. NM Army V0.1

    NM Army V0.1

    The North - The cradle of humanity. The place where roots of human culture start. The Northmen keep their traditions. They are the reason why concepts of honor, duty and glory still exist, and they are always ready to fight for their beliefs.
  25. raco12

    [Campaign] How To Bring Turalyon to Azeroth?

    Some days ago I posted an Idea of a new campaign for Warcraft 3 TFT, Right Now, I'm actually starting to Write A History Based on the original story after TFT when arthas crown himself as the new Lich King. So i want to the comunity to help me with the protagonist of the campaing, cause i will...
  26. Redhawk

    Tales of Alvia

    I have in mind of making a campaign of a kingdom called Alvia,while I don't want to make it without any suggestions or feed back and stuff and it to become a total failure,for my idea it''s like this : Gameplay : Close to totally different techtree then the normal humans. Story : The kingdom of...